BugMe! Receives Keyboard Support for iPhone and iPad

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BugMe! Receives Keyboard Support for iPhone and iPad

A few weeks ago, I reviewed BugMe! for the iPhone. Then, last week, Doug posted about the release of BugMe! for the iPad.  In my review of BugMe!, one of the items that I noted needed improvement was the ability to use the keyboard for input. Using a finger to write on the iPhone’s small screen just didn’t allow me to write more than a few words.  Fortunately, the folks at Electric Pocket, the makers of BugMe! were ahead of me.  They have now updated BugMe! for both the iPhone and iPad with support for keyboard text entry, which definitely adds to the app’s functionality.  Both versions of BugMe! now also support the ability to set a quick alarm for a note.  You can find the iPhone version of BugMe! here and the iPad version here.

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