2nd Opinion for iPhone/Touch App Review

2nd Opinion for iPhone/Touch App Review

I am not going to lie…many of the apps on my iPhone are used primarily for entertainment and wasting some spare time.  Most of these time wasters are games, but every now and then a non-game entertainment app is discovered.  2nd Opinion is not considered a game, but can be just as addicting.  If you like crowdsourcing or answering random questions, this will be quite entertaining.

2nd Opinion is a collection of user asked yes/no questions.  The questions can be any subject and can include a photo.  As more users download the app, the number of questions rises quickly so duplication is not much of a problem.  Most of the questions are extremely random which makes answering them entertaining.  When I first started to use the app, I was not sure of the point.  Next thing I know, ten minutes had passed and I had answered a huge number of questions and could not stop.

2nd Opinion for iPhone/Touch App Review

Three answer choices are available for each question.  Tap “yes,” “no” or “not sure.”  I have only used not sure for questions about certain areas or businesses I have never been.  Most of the photos appear to be taken with the iPhone while a few are silly pictures you may find on the internet.

2nd Opinion for iPhone/Touch App Review

Each question answered will reveal the percentage of answers.  I must be somewhat of a lemming since almost all of my answers have fallen in the majority.  Some questions are pretty tough to decide and will be a tie after answered.

2nd Opinion for iPhone/Touch App Review

2nd Opinion is free, but does have two in app purchase options.  The free version allows the user to answer as many questions as they want and also ask questions with ads included.  For $.99 the ads are taken away and the user can see the responses to their questions.  I upgraded because I had to know what the response to my question was.  I added one of my “apple” backgrounds from my iPhone and asked if I was a fanboi.  I currently have 37 votes and I am 51% a fanboi because of this picture.  The answers may be slanted since everyone answering are iPhone users which probably includes a good number of fanboys and girls.

2nd Opinion for iPhone/Touch App Review

If you have an important question and cannot wait for responses, a second in app purchase is available called Turbo which will move the question to the top and draw more answers quicker.  For $.99 the question will remain at the top until it receives 200 votes.  I think if I have a question that important, I would probably ask people I know to get the answer.

2nd Opinion for iPhone/Touch App Review

2nd Opinion can be used for serious or silly questions, but either way it is a lot of fun.  Answering everyone’s questions is strangely addicting.  If you aren’t wanting to play a game, but have some time for mindless fun, this app is a great option.  Go ahead and download 2nd Opinion here in the app store for free and try answering some questions.  In no time you will want to add your own and upgrade to see the answers.  Great thing is the app qualifies for the Blue Plate even with the in app upgrade.

You can download 2nd Opinion from the App Store.

What I like: Addicting mindless fun!

What could be improved: I would like to see a breakdown of the answers for my question rather than just a percentage.

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