Flickpad: Fun Way To View Facebook Photos on iPad

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Flickpad: Fun Way To View Facebook Photos on iPad

Flickpad from Shacked Software is a really fun way to view photos from your Facebook friends on the iPad.  The application takes full advantage of the iPad’s multitouch features to allow you to quickly browse through pictures from your friends in a way that’s extremely intuitive and actually a ton of fun.

Once you load the app, and after you’ve entered your Facebook account information (only required once) it will show you all your unseen pictures from your Facebook contacts.  By default the app loads all new pictures from the day you first launch it but you can move the date back and look at pictures you’ve missed too.

Using your finger you then move the photos around to look at them.  Don’t like one?  Simply flick it off the screen and it’s gone.  Want to see the rest of the pictures from an album? Double tap the photo you’re looking at and the whole album loads.  Touching a picture with two fingers saves it.

Flickpad: Fun Way To View Facebook Photos on iPad

More features include:

* At startup you quickly see new Facebook photos posted that day
* Favorite the best photos and save for later
* Super easy to email photos
* Search for a friend and see all their photos
* Jump around in time, check out photos around holidays, birthdays, etc
* Hide all photos from friends you don’t care to see
* Two taps and you get all the photos for an album
* Three taps and you get all the photos by that friend

The company has already submitted a new version of the application with additional features such as the ability to comment on photos and likes.  They also plan to add support for Flickr accounts soon too.

At an introductory price of $4.99 Flickpad isn’t too expensive for an iPad application and it’s well worth the price. But if you like it, grab it now as the price is going to increase come June 7th.  This is the sort of application I’ve been asking for.  One that uses all the aspects of the iPad and creates a fun, logical user experience that makes browsing through pictures effortless.

Check it out in the iTunes App Store here. (Link opens iTunes.)

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