Take a Look at the New Nomad 30W GaN AC Adapter and Sport Cables

The end of 2021 may be drawing close, but that doesn’t mean our friends at Nomad are done rolling out the new gear. In fact, Nomad’s new 30W GaN AC Adapter and sports cables are here just in time to be welcome stocking stuffers. Here’s a quick look at both.

Nomad 30W GaN AC Adapter

Nomad 30W GaN AC Adapter

When Apple stopped including AC wall adapters with their phones and tablets, I was not happy at all; it just seemed like they were being cheap. In retrospect, I’m actually a bit glad they did, as it paved the way for numerous companies to step in and “build a better mousetrap.”

Nomad 30W GaN AC Adapter sits in between Apple 5W charger and Apple 20W charger

Apple 5W charger, Nomad 30W GaN AC Adapter, Apple 20W charger

In this case, Nomad’s “better mousetrap” is a 30W USB-C PD Power Adapter that is only a bit larger than the traditional 5W white Apple charger we all knew. It is comparable in size to Nomad’s 20W AC wall adapter and other compact 30W AC adapters that have come to market recently. The extra power provided by this small wonder makes charging faster and easier than ever.

Nomad 30W GaN AC Adapter

The small size means you can toss one in your bag and always have it available when you need it. As Nomad puts it, their 30W GaN AC Adapter is

Small enough to bring with you when you’re on the move, this stylish adapter blends in whether you’re at home, the coffee shop, the airport, or wherever else you may wander.

The new 30W GaN AC Adapter is available now for $29.95. There are in stock and available to ship today; you can get one here.

Nomad Sport Cables

Nomad Sport Cables

Nomad’s cables have been the most reliable cables I have used. Their current kevlar offerings are incredibly tough and, after using and abusing them for months, they still show no sign of wear.

Nomad Sport Cable on MacBook

Nomad’s new Sport Cables are similar to the kevlar offerings but lower price. The savings are accomplished by using a nylon braid outer sheath instead of kevlar. But don’t worry, these cables are still tough and are ready for the rigors of daily use, and that’s thanks to the use of “rugged overmolded plastic tips for durability.”

Nomad Sport Cables have a built-in cable tie.

Of course, the cables have Nomad’s signature integrated cable tie and are MFi Certified.

The new cables are two meters long and are available for either USB-C, USB-C to Lightning, or USB-A to Lightning. Each is just $24.95, and they are available here.


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  1. Kevlar cables, a faster charge, and handsome too. The changes are welcome.

  2. Makes sense to me to strengthen the tips. I have a braided cable that came with a battery pack, which first started showing wear at the connector.

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