iPad App- “Bible’s Top10 – ‘Spoken by God'”- When You Really Need to Get Your Fire and Brimstone On


Ah yes, now you too can hear the voice of God uttering the Big 10.

A new iPad app lets you:

  • Listen to the holy word of God on you iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
  • Feel the strength and passion of the Bible´s most sacred laws. God spoke on Mount Sinai to share with the world these 10 rules to be followed for a holy and moral life.
  • Touch the screen and listen. Each law appears in text and with sound as you touch the stone tablets on the screen.

I just had to hear what the “voice of God” sounds like coming from my iPad, so I dropped the $.99 on the app. Man oh man, does God sound like one scary dude.

Seriously, the voice on the app is MAD with a capitol “M”.

Mad in a “I thought things were going to be better after Sodom and Gamora, but boy was I wrong and now I’m ticked off again!” kind of way.

At least, however, the app got commandment #6 right and used “Thou Shalt Not Murder” instead of “Thou Shalt not kill”. (There is a different Hebrew word for “murder” than there is for “kill”.) This, as opposed to the monument of the commandments that made a brief appearance in front of a courthouse in Montgomery Alabama that didn’t even get the translation right.

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  1. So there should be a contest: who would do a “voice of God” the best? Morgan Freeman? James Earl Jones? George Takei? (Seriously!) Vote now for your fave!

  2. Mary Beth-TeleNav | June 2, 2010 at 11:11 am |

    Ummm…weird. Too each their own I guess!

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