7Pipe Pro – a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

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7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker Listen to this article

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

When I was first contacted by 7pipe about reviewing one of their products, I sent an email out to the Gear Diary team asking if any of them were smokers; assuming one of them was, I asked if  this might be a product they would be interested in. I’ll admit that I was a bit surprised (albeit impressed) when none responded affirmatively.

Because I thought the 7pipe to be an interesting piece of engineering, I figured I might as well take a look at it myself. I am not going to call this a full review, because I didn’t actually load the bowl and smoke anything (I’m not a smoker, either!).

And before we dig in, I’ll point out that I realize the 7pipe isn’t necessarily intended for use with regular smoking tobacco; with its sliding top design and perfectly aimed lighter, this pipe was likely designed and is probably best suited for smoking marijuana — pot, cannabis, reefer, ganja, herb — whatever you want to call it. However, I figure that there are now enough countries, cities and states recognizing medical marijuana‘s place that reviewing a pipe with the potential to effectively smoke it — along with other tobacco products — shouldn’t automatically freak everyone out. So without any further ado …

This is the 7pipe. Included in the box are the pipe body, two mouthpieces, a glass insert which contains the pipe bowl and stem, and a cleaning brush. You can buy replacement bowls directly from 7pipe.

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

So what is a 7pipe? It’s a self-contained smoking system with built-in storage compartment, butane lighter, smoking bowl with sliding cover and your choice of mouthpieces. Not counting its mouthpiece the 7pipe measures approximately 4″ long x 1.75″ wide x 0.5″ thick. The body is composed of a Zinc alloy, it has a unibody shell, and magnets hold the pipe’s rear in place. The 7pipe is available in black, blue, silver and gray, and according to their site, a “special solution [is used] to electroplate our 7Pros to increase corrosion resistance.”

The raised flange on the pipe’s top side is to protect the lighter’s flame from wind and aim it correctly; a sliding metal door covers the pipe’s bowl when it is not in use. On the side, a generously sized lever is positioned for ignition.

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

On the top end of the pipe, there is a mouthpiece which is made to accept one of two includes tips, as well as a combination flame-adjuster wheel and refill point; you’ll have to use a butane refill fluid (like Ronson Multi-Fuel; not included) to prepare the lighter for use.

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

On the bottom end there is a carburetor, which will draw in air as the user inhales.

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

Yes, I know it is just a pipe, but it is so far removed from the types I have seen before, that I think it is pretty neat. 🙂

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

Here’s where the design elements really start to come together …

The back of the pipe is a single sheet of precision-cut metal which is held in place by magnets.

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

When the cover is removed, the pipe’s inner workings are exposed. On the left, there is a “stash” spot, and on the top edge there is a silo where the glass pipe inset belongs.

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

The glass insert is installed with the bowl facing away from the back; care should be taken when placing it, because the bowl is (after all) glass.

Since the glass tube will likely eventually gunk up, a bristly brush is included for cleanups; even so, there will likely come a point when it’s not reasonable to bother cleaning the pipe’s glass tube, and when that happens replacement glass bowls are available.

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

There are two included mouthpieces; this one looks like the end on one of those cheap cigars that they used to sell at the grocery store when I was a kid …

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

… and then there’s this button tip, which is much more compact and possibly less likely to get knocked off when the 7pipe is in a pocket.

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

All that’s left is to fill the reservoir with Butane , see how well it lights, and …

7Pipe Pro - a Pipe for the Self-Contained Smoker

It appears that one-handed pipe smoking will become every 7pipe owner’s specialty.

Mom would be so proud. 😉

Oh, I know. This isn’t my typical review as I didn’t put the 7pipe through all of the usual paces. But it is a product that I deem interesting and somewhat unique … so if a device like this is something you might need — for whatever reasons — then you might want to check out the 7pipe.

The 7pipe Pro is available directly from the manufacturer’s online store and from other retailers.

MSRP: $72 – $74 (depending upon color); the black version I received is priced at $72. Shop around, as prices may vary.

What I Like: All in one device with built-in lighter; compact design; easy to operate; choice of mouth tips; one-handed operation

What Needs Improvement: Nothing; it appears to work as advertised

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