Tiki Totems Premium for iPhone/Touch App Review

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Tiki Totems Premium for iPhone/Touch App Review Listen to this article

Tiki Totems Premium for iPhone/Touch App Review

Well, the summer of addicting games continues!  I found Tiki Totems Premium on sale for free today.  The premium version includes over 200 levels and guarantees any new updates will come to your phone free of charge.  The game is basically a puzzler with a cute twist.  Here is the background story for the game.

The tribes of the mythical island Tikonia have for centuries worshipped the Tiki God.
All was fine and dandy until one day the tribe elder looked at the gathered worshipers and asked a simple question, “My beloved, how do we know that our great God really exists?”. As his words traveled throughout the crowd , he already knew that this was indeed a BIG mistake. The Tiki God was angry, very angry. I mean really really angry like flowing lava is going to burn down your village angry. But that still doesn’t describe it well… more like flying burning meteors are going to smash you all ANGRY.

Something had to be done, the elders have decided. YOU will try and appease the angry God. Yes, yes.. we know we’ve already tried that and he burned everyone before you, but they just didn’t treat his totem with care and respect and probably mixed the blocks in the wrong order… NOW GO and save us or we’re all going to burn.

When you are ready to please the Tiki God, the game will start you off gentle with a short tutorial mode.  I recommend beginning here so you can learn the ins and outs of the game and the different types of blocks.

Tiki Totems Premium for iPhone/Touch App Review

The idea of the game is to eliminate all blocks while protecting the gold Tiki statue.  The statue will fall and move according to what blocks are deleted so plan carefully.  There are blocks that a tap eliminates, some that cannot be destroyed while others must touch a similar block or bounce anything that touches them.  This ensures variety in the levels and the strategy needed to solve them.

Tiki Totems Premium for iPhone/Touch App Review

Of course as the levels advance they become a bit more difficult.  Some will require perfect timing while others require a plan of which block to tap first.  The bottom left of the screen displays the number of blocks remaining and the bottom right displays the power meter.  Power must be full to tap on a block so this bar will affect your timing.

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Tiki Totems Premium for iPhone/Touch App Review

As you advance through the levels remember that the statue can fall and move, but cannot touch the ground or fall off of the screen.  If this does happen, the volcano will erupt and destroy the village.  For example, the above level is solved by causing the statue to fall into the basket created by the black stones.

Tiki Totems Premium for iPhone/Touch App Review

Tiki Totems Premium is an addictive game with cute graphics and story line.  The game is perfect for a short shot of gaming while waiting in lines or killing some time.  You can find the game here in the app store for free!  The regular price was $.99.  Go download and see if you can keep the Tiki God happy and save the village!

What I like: Fun gameplay with challenging puzzles.  Who doesn’t like a Tiki theme!?!

What could use improvement: Nothing yet.

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