DataViz Protects and Syncs Your Passwords and Sensitive Info with Passwords Plus


DataViz Protects and Syncs Your Passwords and Sensitive Info with Passwords Plus  If you are an avid user of Documents to Go you probably already knew about some of DataViz, Inc.’s product offerings in the software office arena. One aspect that is critical to office integrity is security, and DataViz has  recently stepped up to the plate with their new Passwords Plus cross-platform password security software. Starting at $9.99, Passwords Plus works to keep passwords, PINs and related sensitive information secure from prying eyes and keep that data synched between devices. No more struggling to remember passwords or hunt through filing cabinets for password lists!

It should be no secret that everyone with an online presence ought to pay close attention to security and privacy issues, but with the vast array of websites where users store logins and passwords and the like, keeping track of that kind of information can be an onerous task. However, with Passwords Plus, maintaining such things can vastly simplified and conveniently accessible. Passwords Plus works like your own personal information safe, securely storing important information away from prying eyes and can sync that information using DataViz’s SamePage Technology between multiple devices, whether they be your MacBook, Android phone, Windows desktop or iPhone.

By configuring Passwords Plus with a master password you choose that is stored only locally, website passwords, bank records, credit card info and other important information can be encrypted and updated across any supported device whenever new data is entered or updated. Passwords Plus also integrates special browser extensions to automatically fill in login data you previously entered for stored websites, plus can create records for new sites you visit. Speaking of which, when you visit a new site or decide to create a new record, Password Plus can help generate a password for a given site or record for you that is suitably secure, so no more 12345! passwords to be hacked.

In addition, one important failsafe feature to prevent your data from ever being compromised if your mobile device or computer gets stolen is the Self-Destruct feature. Simply set the number of times to permit failed logins, if you so choose, and upon reaching the extra failed login, DataViz will immediately wipe all your secure data. While extreme, it does help keep your data out of unwanted hands.

So, if simplifying and organizing your private information is important to you, head on over to DataViz’s Passwords Plus page to check it out!

Passwords Plus for iOS $9.99

Passwords Plus for Android  (Google Play) $9.99

Passwords Plus for Android  (Amazon) $9.99

Passwords Plus for Windows (Vista + ) $19.99

Passwords Plus for Mac OS $19.99

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