Skydive: Proximity Flight Flies to Xbox Live

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Skydive: Proximity Flight

Skydive: Proximity Flight offers a unique skydiving sport/simulator experience using classic controllers or Kinect where players get an expanded movement range compare to real life. TopWare Interactive AG and Gaijin Entertainment used real skydiving pros in the game creation and offer freestyle, trick, route flight and adrenaline race modes plus leaderboard functions and multiplayer for $6.99 (Xbox Live exclusive).


In Skydive: Proximity Flight, Xbox 360 players can take control of the action using the classic Xbox controller or their entire bodies with Kinect. Various game modes include:

Adrenaline Race: Fly against AI opponents at breakneck speed, or use the  leaderboard function to see how you measure up against your friends. Perform daredevil flight maneuvers and stunts to charge your adrenaline, and use it to accelerate even faster.

Route flight: Follow progressively more difficult routes and collect as many points as you can by flying through targets.

Trick: Push your score to dizzying heights by performing as many complex stunts and daredevil maneuvers in a row as possible.

Freestyle: Choose from any of the game’s locations to create your own challenges and routes for your friends. Share your adventures with the game community.

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