CableJive Dock Stubz Review

CableJive Dock Stubz Review

CableJive is out with their newest offering, the Dock Stubz.  The Dock Stubz is a pass-through charging adapter for the iPhone, iPad and iPod.  The short, stubby adapter lets your charge and sync your iDevice while it’s safely inside any protective case.  No more having to remove your iPhone from that OtterBox Defender when you want to plug into the Apple dock.  It also includes special charger conversion which lets your device work with older speakers and docking stations.  Say goodbye that annoying “this device is not compatible……” pop up message” that pops up when you try to use your iPhone with an older set of speakers.

CableJive Dock Stubz Review

Measuring in at only 1.3 inches tall and weighing .7 ounces the Dock Stubz also features a mini USB plug on the side allowing you to power other USB powered devices too.

CableJive Dock Stubz Review

The Dock Stubz works nicely for connecting the iPad to external accessories.  While I’m not sure I’d want to keep my iPad connected to my iHome clock 24/7 it’s nice to be able to do so when I’m so inclined.  I use a Griffin Simipli Dock to charge and sync both my iPod Touch and my iPhone.  There’s no way for the iPad to fit it though so I’m forced to keep and extra Apple charge and sync cable on hand.  Looks like I won’t be needing that cable anymore.

CableJive Dock Stubz Review

The Dock Stubz is available now for $22.95 directly from the company’s online store.


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  1. Joel McLaughlin | September 9, 2010 at 1:17 pm |

    Wouldn’t this put some strain on the iPad’s dock connector??

  2. Larry Greenberg | September 9, 2010 at 2:27 pm |

    Yes Joel, which is why I said in the article, “While I’m not sure I’d want to keep my iPad connected to my iHome clock 24/7 it’s nice to be able to do so when I’m so inclined.” If you’ll notice in the image above I have the iPad leaning against my iMac to prevent this.

  3. iDevice Accessory Quick Look: CableJive Dock Stubz #ipad

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