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September 29, 2010 • Reviews

Naked iPad? No, Speck SeeThru!

I suspect most folks will agree that the iPad is a nice looking device.  So why would you want to cover it up and obscure all that aluminum and glass beauty?  I mean, would you put a rubberized case on the Picasso in Daley Plaza?  No, I don’t think so.  With this in mind, the folks at Speck must have said, “hey, let’s cover the iPad, but not cover the iPad.”

So, voila!  Here’s the Speck SeeThru.  According to Speck, the SeeThru features:

One-piece flexible hard case for a seamless look, feel and functionality
Rubberized front edge and button covers for grip and protection
Raised traction detail on back for in-hand grip and non-skid use
Flip-back panel for use with dock & keyboard dock

Getting the SeeThru onto the iPad is a fairly simple process.  Speck actually provides clear instructions in the packaging for both installing and removing the case.  It takes a small amount of force to get the SeeThru on the iPad, but once on, it feels really secure.  The SeeThru offers more protection than full-body protective films, but still shows off the iPad’s exterior without adding much bulk or weight.

Walking around the case, one of the first things that you’ll notice about the case is that it includes a hinged flap on the back.  The flap snaps over the charge/sync port on the bottom of the iPad.  Loosen it and the port is available for use.  The flap is perfectly sized for using the Apple iPad dock.

One thing the back panel is NOT for, however, is using it as a stand to hold the iPad upright in a portrait orientation.  It’s not strong or stable enough for that.

The power button and volume rocker are covered with flexible covers that have good sensitivity and work well.  There are openings for the view lock switch, the headphone jack, and the speakers.

Considering the slightly rounded back of the iPad, Speck included a small, raised ridge around the back side of the case that allows the SeeThru to be stable when laying down on a flat surface.

Given that the SeeThru is shell-style case, there’s no protection for the front of the iPad.  Speck does not include a screen protector with the SeeThru, so if you want additional protection for the iPad screen, you’ll need to purchase that separately.

The only issue I had with the SeeThru is the size of the headphone jack.  The plug for my favorite pair of ear buds, made by Shure, wouldn’t fit into the hole in the SeeThru.  Granted, it’s a large-diameter plug and most headphones will fit, but be aware that this could be a problem.

What I like:  Light, strong, and doesn’t obscure the iPad

What needs improvement:  Larger hole for the headphone jack

MSRP:  $49.95

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