iLife ’11 Includes iOS Compatible Apps? But How Would That Work? I Have One Idea…

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iLife '11 Includes iOS Compatible Apps? But How Would That Work? I Have One Idea... Listen to this article


A post over on 9to5 Mac points to a new book over on Amazon UK that suggests iLife ’11 is due in November and, surprise surprise… includes iOS compatible apps.

That’s all very interesting and would be a nice turn of events, especially since there are a number of tasks I much PREFER to for using an iOS app than on an iMac, but there is one problem… iOS apps are designed for multi-touch. I have to imagine that trying to make them mouse-enabled would be, at best, inelegant.

Then I got to thinking… I ALREADY HAVE a multi-touch device that I use with my iMac… my MagicTrackpad. Then I got to checking and… surprise surprise… would you look at this…


Yup, the MagicTrackpad is almost exactly twice as large as my iPhone and iPod touch. I had always wondered how Apple came up with the specific size they chose for the MagicTrackpad. Apple doesn’t do things by accident so it makes sense for the trackpad to be twice the size of the iPhone or touch if they planned to have iOS apps running on an iMac. It would work perfectly- half the trackpad would be for iOS apps, the other for OS X applications… it could work… it really could. And then… there would be no need for a touchscreen iMac…

What do you think? Does it make sense or is it just a coincidence that the trackpad is almost perfectly sized for this??

UPDATED: As Joel explains in the comment below I likely misunderstood what “compatibility” will entail. BUMMER! I want to be able to run some iOS apps on my iMac!!!

Still, realizing that the MagicTrackpad is almost exactly the size of two iPhone or touches does make me wonder… hmmmm

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