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November 6, 2010 • Reviews

iPhone 4 Review: The Primary Case Company Offers A Case For Your Case


Most iPhone users choose to protect their device with a case. A case not only offers a barrier between your phone and the outside elements but allows you to add your own personal design tastes to your mobile device. For me a protective case is only half of the equation though. How I carry my iPhone is just as important. I often choose to carry my phone in my front pants pocket but this can be uncomfortable. I’ve tested a few case/holster combinations but haven’t been particularly thrilled with any of them. The Primary Case Company recently released an entire line of leather holsters that are all meant to work with your iPhone while it’s in a case.

The company was kind enough to send along two such holsters for me to review.

The Natural Plus Series ($19.99) is made from premium leather that features a pebbled texture. It’s a horizontal pouch that wears very thin on the belt. It features rounded corners and an eight position belt clip. The pouch stays closed via magnetic clasp. I tested this pouch with a variety of cases and found all but the OtterBox Defender fit quite nicely. This pouch works best with thinner cases (Speck Fitted, Apple Bumper, Case Crown Glider, Snap On Back Covers etc.)

Show below with the Speck Fitted.



The pouch features a small finger hole at the button which assists you in pushing your phone out when you need to access it.

The Atmosphere Plus Series ($19.99) allows you to carry your iPhone in the vertical position. Like the Natural Plus Series this pouch is made from premium pebbled leather as well. It features the same eight position belt clip. The fit of the Atmosphere is larger than that of the Natural and it accommodates bulkier cases. I did find the fit of the Atmosphere to be a little loose with some of my thinner cases, such as the Apple Bumper. This pouch works best with larger cases (Speck Candy Shell, OtterBox Commuter, Incipio NGP etc.) The flap also stays in the closed position via a magnetic clasp.

Shown below with the Speck Candy Shell.



One difference between the two pouches I previewed is that the Atmosphere allows for access to the iPhone’s 30-pin connector where as the Natural Plus Series does not.


If you’re looking for a way to keep your iPhone on your hip one of these pouches from The Primary Case Company is a great choice. Priced at only $19.99 each they are a bargain. Made from premium leather with a ratcheting belt clip you’ll be hard pressed to find a leather style pouch that comes in as many styles for such a low price. Add in the company’s top-notch customer service and 90-day guarantee and you’ve got yourself a win-win.

You can learn more about this new line of cases from the Primary Case Company by visiting their website here.

MSRP: $19.99

What I Like: Allows for carrying of iPhone on belt while it’s in a protective case

What Needs Improvement: The Atmosphere offers a loose fit with sleeker cases

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  1. iPhone 4 Review: The Primary Case Company Offers A Case For Your Case #gadgets

  2. Gianpy says:

    Looks like a great idea for those users who, as you said, like to carry their phones comfortably and more functionally. In my case, I probably wouldnt use it!

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