iDOS Back in the iTunes App Store With Important Changes

iDOS Back in the iTunes App Store With Important Changes

Remember iDOS from last October? It was a full DOS shell that even allowed you to load Windows and old games and programs you had lying around on 5.25″ floppies! Of course, due to that, it lasted mere hours on the iTunes App Store before getting pulled!

Now it is back as version 2.01, with important differences. According to the developer:

The biggest change from iDOS 1.0: iTunes file sharing is now turned off.

That means you will not be able to install windows nor games from your old disc collection. However, it has quite a lot of new features to compensate for the loss:

– 6 shareware games from 3D Realms, including famous titles like wolf3d, duke1, duke2, major striker. Thanks to the virtue of good old DOS games, the app is still very small.

– A super simple game launcher. You can play games without any knowledge about dos commands. All games are properly configured, so you don’t have to tweak dospad.cfg anymore. For expert users, you can still use command line to launch games and edit dospad.cfg right in app.

– Virtual gamepad/joystick. With iDOS 1.0, you may not be able to get to floor 3 in wolf3d, but now you can!

– Better landscape mode. And now iPhone has portrait mode interface.

– Bluetooth keyboard support. It is for text based games only.

Users of the original app should be aware that this is seen as an ‘update’, so if you were quick and grabbed it when first released you risk overwriting your old version – so definitely back it up just in case!

Considering we already have the full version of Wolfenstein 3D on the App Store, and since in my quick test the version here is not as good … it remains to be seen how this will work out in the long run. But for now it is free and offers some decent gaming included.

Grab iDOS for FREE at the iTunes App Store!

Source: AppModo

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