Evernote Tops 100 Million Users! #Evernote


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Evernote just topped 100 million users; that’s pretty impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that those 100 million users can be found in any of 190 different countries. Taken together, the two numbers speak to the fact that the popular and powerful service meets a truly international need; this milestone reminded me that many of us were early subscribers.

As the company noted in an email that went out yesterday:

Evernote just hit a major milestone: 100 million users in 190 countries around the world. That’s a lot of people, and you’re one of them. It’s pretty amazing to know that we’ve become part of so many people’s lives. It validates the belief we had when we first started out: that the way we work was about to undergo a monumental shift. Since then, we’ve made it our mission to become the modern workspace that inspires you to achieve more every day.Thanks for being an Evernote user. More great things are ahead.

That 100 million number is impressive. More impressive is the fact that of those 100 million users, Mike is one of the first 100,000 subscribers! Screenshot 2014 05 18 05 42 47 Judie jumped in a bit earlier and is number 14, 562! Screenshot 2014 05 18 05 42 41 As for me… Well, I was one of the original Evernote Beta testers, and I signed up as soon as the service went live. So out of 100 million subscribers I’m… Screenshot 2014 05 18 05 42 53 Yes, I was the 537th person to sign up when the service came out of Beta. As one of the first 1000th subscribers, my annual subscription to be a Premium user is just $45 per year*.

*Note: All Evernote Premium subscriptions are $45 per year no matter when you signed up. 🙂

Do you use the services? If so what are your favorite features? If not… Why not?

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4 Comments on "Evernote Tops 100 Million Users! #Evernote"

  1. How do you find out what your number is?

  2. I searched my emails to find my Evernote number, but could not find anything. I was an “Evernote Beta”, and my first email I could find from Evernote was from 4/24/2008.
    How do I find my Evernote nunber?

  3. Your number, I think, is in parentheses on the About screen.

    And I’m feeling a lack of love. It’s only the number for the web/mobile appy thing. I was using Evernote when it was a paid only Windows XP (Tablet Edition) stand alone application. No love for the real early adopters.

  4. I love Evernote. I signed up on 4/24/2008 too, but did it seemed complicated at the time. I just started using it again in January. I love that I can use it on all platforms. And when I am away from the house and think of something I need to put in Evernote I send myself a text to my Evernote email address. (I don’t have a smart phone) I sent a support request to Evernote to find out my user number.

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