MacBook Air Gear: AUTUM Straight Jacket, an Insanely Simple Leather Laptop Sleeve

Dan mentioned a little while ago that AUTUM was releasing Straight Jackets for the new MacBook Airs and the iPad, which he soon followed with a review of their iPad Straight Jacket. Because Dan and I are now the owners of new MacBook Airs, we have been sent a couple of AUTUM’s MacBook Air Straight Jackets to review as well; I was sent the 11″ version, and Dan has Both the 11″ and the 13″.

The picture above shows all three; the 13″ is on the bottom, the 11″ is in the middle, and the iPad is sitting on top.

Here’s another view. Is that one tasty tech and leather sandwich, or what???

Absolutely beautiful in its simplicity, the AUTUM Straight Jacket is essentially a wedge-shaped sleeve composed of thick domestically tanned leather that has been lined in suede. Each AUTUM case is handmade in the US, and the artisan’s pride shows through the straight and even stitching as well as the snug fit which will give just a little over time. The first few times you try to take the sleeve off, you will think it’s too snug, but after a few insertions and removals, it will fit perfectly.

The only branding on the sleeve is a tastefully done AUTUM in all caps at the bottom edge. Dan thinks that the subtle branding on the lower sleeve adds just enough interest.

Because the MacBook Air is shaped like a wedge, the AUTUM Straight Jacket is as well; the Air will only insert wide side into wide side.

This is a subtle but significant difference when compared to the version for the iPad Straight Jacket, which has equal sides to accommodate the iPad’s shape. You won’t notice it unless you have them side by side but it is one of those small things that really impress. It is one of those small design details that one expects from a premium luxury product such as this.

The AUTUM case adds very little bulk to the Air; on the 11″ Air the measurements will be 12.25″ long x 8.25″ wide x 0.9″ thick, and on the 13″ they will be 13.5″ long 9.5″ wide .9″ thick.

As you can see, the sleeve is just slightly larger than the Air itself.

And that is the case for both the 11″ and the 13″ sleeve.

The result is a tight fit that, at least initially, will have you working to remove the computer from the sleeve. This will become easier over time.

Depending upon whether you flip the Air over or not, the end poking out could theoretically be the end with the charging port … this could be very handy at times.

Once it’s protected inside the case, you needn’t worry about scratches or dings when toting your Air inside a larger bag. I carry the combo inside my handbag, and I love not having to worry that my truck keys or any other hard edge might scratch the Air’s silvery finish.

Dan recently took the 11″ on vacation with him, and despite the best efforts of the company the 11″ sleeve didn’t arrive on time. He wishes he’d had it with him, “because a sleeve like this offers amazing protection with a minimum of added size and weight.” It will be going with him to CES, though … as will mine.

The AUTUM Straight jacket is beautiful, protective, and slim. Perhaps the only caveat we can find is that its price tag will scare some off.  Let’s be clear however, this is a luxury product from beginning the end. The leather is gorgeous, the design choices perfect, and the fit and finish are as good as they come. The AUTUM Straight jacket provides fantastic protection for the MacBook air (and the iPad) while adding to the already impressive aesthetics of the devices.

The AUTUM Straight Jacket for the 11″ and 13″ Mac Book Air is available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $133

What We Like: Beautifully handmade of thick domestically tanned leather; adds very little weight or bulk to the Air, yet adds plenty of protection; depending upon which way Air is inserted, it can still be charged while in the sleeve

What Needs Improvement: It is pricey; initially the fit is a bit on the tight side

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