TokyoFlash Kisai Sensai Pure Watch Review

TokyoFlash Kisai Sensai Pure Watch Review

The other day I reviewed TokyoFlash’s  Console watch. (We will also be giving it away soon!) Today I have the opportunity to review another watch from TokyoFlash-  the Kisai Sensai Pure.  The Kisai Sensai Pure watch is not only unique in its design and features multicolored LED’s for telling the time. It looks more than a bit unusual and I like that!

TokyoFlash Kisai Sensai Pure Watch Review

The face of the Sensai Pure has 3 different sets of LED’s and each has its own purpose.  Like the Kisai Console, the Sensai Pure’s face is totally dark until you press the button to activate it.  Unlike the Kisai Console, however, the Sensai Pure will spring to life in an animation before the time is shown on the LEDs.  After the time is displayed for a few seconds, the watch will animate again as it goes dark.

As noted, each set of LEDs has a purpose.  One set is for the hour, another for 5 minute increments and another for single minutes. For example, the Red LEDs will light for the hour.  If it is 3:17, three red LEDs will be lit.  The green LEDs in the middle of the watch display 5 minute increments.  If it is 3:17, there will be 3 green LEDs lit.  The yellow LEDs show the single minutes.  For the earlier 3:17 time, you would have 2 yellow LEDs lit.  It takes longer to get used to the Sensai Pure than it does the Kisai Console, but once you’ve worn it for a few days it becomes second nature.

TokyoFlash Kisai Sensai Pure Watch Review

The construction of the Kisai Sensai Pure is very beefy with all the non LED portions being made from high-grade aluminum and the LED portions being made from a translucent black acrylic.  While it is made of metal, the Sensai Pure is sill very comfortable to wear and is not heavy at all.  In fact, it’s nowhere near as clunky as some other TokyoFlash watches.

Unlike the Kisai Console, the Kisai Sensai Pure uses the venerable CR-2032 battery that most of the larger watches I have had over the years also used.  As is the case with most watches the battery is replaceable. That’s means this unique watch will be working for years to come.

TokyoFlash Kisai Sensai Pure Watch Review

As was also the case with the Kisai Console, the band on the Sensai Pure is  a little loose on my wrist.  I suspect a jeweler could remove a link or two to make it fit a little tighter but I have not done so.

The Sensai Pure more unique than the Kisai Console.  It’s also a little harder to tell time but, like the Kisai Console, I am sure I could get used to telling time with it. It is a fun and unique device and that makes it worth the extra effort.  Fans of Anime, geeky watches and industrial design will love the Kisai Sensai Pure watch from TokyoFlash which is available now direct from their site for $162.65 and the shipping is free!

What I liked: Solid construction.  Cool design.

What needs improvement: Needs an adjustable band.

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