TokyoFlash Kisai Console Watch Review

TokyoFlash Kisai Console Watch Review

I have always admired Tokyoflash watches from afar. They have a look about them that just appeals to the geek in me.  That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when Tokyoflash was able to send me one of the newest designs fresh from their site, the Kisai Console Watch.

TokyoFlash Kisai Console Watch Review

The first thing you will notice about the Kisai Console is that it’s face is entirely dark most of the time.  The magic of the Kisai Console only happens once you press the button.  Then the entire face lights up and certain lights flash to indicate the time.

To tell the time, you just look for the flashing LEDS.  For the hour, you will see one light flash in the upper part of the watch on the proper number.  For example, if it’s 12 am, the 12 will be the hour that is flashing.  For minutes, you look first for a light in the bottom part of the watch.  Each light here means 5 minutes.  So if it’s 12:22, you will see the 4th light in the circle of 5 minutes lights lit.  Finally to get the single minutes you look in the middle part of the watch.  For 12:22, you will see 2 lights flashing in the middle.  It’s a unique and fun way of time that fast becomes second nature once you wear the watch and use it for a day.

One other really cool feature of the Kisai Console is the animation that happens every 15 minutes between 6 PM and 12 AM every night.  This animation is hard to capture in a picture but trust me, it is neat.  It is also worth mentioning that the animation can be shut off if so desired and you can see what the animation will look like in the set mode.

The construction of this watch is incredible.  If Apple made a watch it would have this kind of fit and finish.  Solid construction abound with mineral crystal glass being used for the face of the watch and metal everywhere else including the band.  This watch will probably outlast any watch I have had in the last 15 years.

TokyoFlash Kisai Console Watch Review

One really interesting feature of the Kisai Console is that the battery is a rechargeable version of the one which is heavily used in most electronic watches. It i, however, unusual for it to be the rechargeable version. To recharge, you just use the included screw driver to remove the screw and plug-in the USB cable.  You might think that the battery life isn’t great since you must recharge the watch but it is actually very good.  Since I charged it the first time, I have yet to need to plug it back into a charger.  In fact, TokyoFlash estimates that the battery will last for one month between charges and this can be helped by turning off the animations.  As I noted, I have had this watch for almost a month and I have only charged it once.  This isn’t bad considering the last watch I had that was rechargeable, an Abacus Palm Watch, needed recharged every night.

The battery is also replaceable which means once you’ve worn it out, you can get a new one and your Kisai Console will continue to tell time while looking great.

One minor problem is that even for a big guy like me, the band was a little loose.   I plan on taking mine to a jeweler to help me remove a link so the watch is a bit tighter on my wrist.  If you are a woman or have really skinny wrists, this will act almost like a bangle and spin around on your wrist.  The watch itself is thick, but not too big so if I shorten up the band a bit it should fit me perfectly.  For now I am living with it.

This is the first watch that I have had that actually made it fun to tell time.  It only takes a day or so to get used to it but this is definitely not a watch for everyone.  So who would want a watch like this?  Geeky watch fans, Anime fans and anyone who likes well-built unique watches. If you fall into one or more of those categories I suspect you will LOVE owning the Kisai Console.

The Kisai Console is now available direct from the TokyoFlash website for $176.89 and shipping is free!

What I liked: Very well-built.  Really cool design and it has a METAL band which seems to be rare with a lot of digital watches these days.

What I didn’t care for: They need to make the band a little adjustable so you do not need to remove links from the band.

Gd Giveaway Time!!!!!

One more thing….you want one of these watches but don’t want to spend 176 dollars on a watch??

Well today is your lucky day!

TokyoFlash has given us a Kisai Console to give away to you, our readers!  All you have to do is comment below and tell me what is your favorite TokyoFlash watch design.  The contest runs from now until 2/18/2011 and is only open to shipping addresses here in the US as I will be mailing it from my house here in Columbus.  On 2/18/2011, my son will draw a name and I will post the winner right here on

Thanks goes to TokyoFlash for making this happen!

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  1. I like the S-Mode Oberon for it’s traditional styling combined with their unique time display. However, for design and style, I really like the Kisai Broke the best. May take a little while to learn to tell the time on that one (and would really confuse my son – haha!). The Console is nice for it’s style and slightly easier way to tell time.

  2. My favorite was one they had a couple of years ago. It had a relatively normal analog face, but behind it was LEDs in an “infinite mirror” configuration. It was bright and colorful and really nice looking, but I dithered about buying it because of the price and they sold out before I could pick one up. I’m still kicking myself about that.

  3. Well I liked Kisai Sensai Pure Led Watch. I feel this stylish, lightweight made from high grade aluminum will look good in both formal and casual. It could be very eye candy in parties.

  4. My favorite watch design is Kisai RPM Led Watch. Great design but yet simple to read at a glance. Watch is made of smoked mineral crystal lens which creates a subtle reflection.

  5. I liked ‘Kisai sensai pure led watch’ design. Coming black or silver color with mulitcolor LEDs will feel like me i am in 7th sky.
    Another features of this watch desgin’s which iliked is that it rotate on and off in a circular formation in every minute for 12 minutes.

  6. I think all the watches look great, but i must say the Oberon SS is my favorite.

  7. Agree all watches design are good and its tough to choose one. But since i have to give one favorite design then i would go with Kisai Traffic Led Watch.

  8. My favortie from a few years back was the Tumbler, but I think the RPM SS is pretty slick.

  9. tracknatasha | February 16, 2011 at 8:33 am |

    Among all very good design i like Kisai Keisan Black Led Watch most.

  10. Every design is good and unique in each way. I liked Kisai Traffic let watch. With multicolor Led option and stainless steel case & strap, this watch stands different among all other watches.

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