iPad Game Review: Frogs vs Storks

iPad Game Review: Frogs vs Storks

Sometimes there is nothing more pleasant than a casual game to pass the time. And while it seemed that all of the casual games have migrated to either Nintendo systems or Apple’s iPad and iPhone, there are still companies providing solid casual entertainment for the PC and Mac gamer. And more and more companies are providing casual games for the PC as well as iOS devices. One such game is Frogs vs. Storks, which is available for the PC, Mac and iOS devices.

The Hype:

Evil storks have invaded the pond!! But the frogs are putting up quite a fight!!

Navigate your frogs on the other side of the pond without getting eaten by the storks and collect all the goodies along the way! But beware, this seemingly easy game gets harder fast! Before you know it, you’ll be thinking your way out of desperate situations in this fun and addicting board/puzzle game! Don’t think you’ll beat this game fast with a walk-through because each level is different every time you play it!

Play 40 levels spread across 5 stages and unlock many achievements as well as the almighty level generator for unlimited fun!

The Reality:

The goal in Frogs vs. Storks is simple: get your frog from the bottom to the top and land on the yellow leaf without being touched by a stork.

iPad Game Review: Frogs vs Storks

The game is set up as an X-Y grid of lily pads with several possibly functions. Some are just standard jumping points, some have holes that teleport you, and so on. You can take strategic advantage of these to escape from the stork.

You can gain points in a few different ways. First off, you are timed, so getting to the end point more quickly helps your score. Also, there are flies and flowers and other things around the grid – if you get them you gain points, if the stork gets them you lose points.

As mentioned, your opponent is the stork, who simply moves contrary to you – you move up, the stork moves down … and so on. This may sound simple, but between the various lily pad types and other obstacles can get quite challenging to win each round and attain the maximum score.

iPad Game Review: Frogs vs Storks

Frogs vs. Storks is fun – fun enough that I bought the game for the PC as well as the iPad! The game is available for the Mac as well as PC, so no matter where you are you can get yourself playing this fun casual game. The price is right as well – so give it a shot!

Review: Frogs vs Storks

Where to Buy: iTunes App Store

Price: $1.99 (on sale now for $0.99)

What I Like: Casual gameplay; Simple but fun premise

What Needs Improvement: Price varies wildly – $0.99 for iPad, $2 on Mac App Store, $5 on GamersGate, $7 on Big Fish Games – shop wisely!

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