When an Athletic Brand Makes a Fitness Watch, You Get the New Balance RunIQ

Fitness trackers are a dime a dozen, and we’ve seen out share out there, but at CES, New Balance announced a product launch that might just shake up the fitness world starting with us here in Vegas.

When an Athletic Brand Makes a Fitness Watch, You Get the New Balance RunIQ

As of today there’s new a new competitor vouching to sit on your wrist, and 9 times out of 10 they currently are on your feet as you walk. New Balance is pleased to announce that they’ve joined forces with Intel to launch the New Balance RunIQ with Intel Inside. Mouthful right? Made for runners by runners, the smartwatch is designed to change the way you think of fitness completely. Athletes and beginners alike will enjoy the fact that the perfect combination of a smartwatch and an everyday tracker can not only be worn all day but can be pretty damn stylish at the same time.

When an Athletic Brand Makes a Fitness Watch, You Get the New Balance RunIQ

New Balance Lifestyle Fall Holiday 2016, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Costing $299.99, the RunIQ is available for preorder effective January 5th and will be available to purchase in stores on February 1st. Engineered by Intel, the RuIQ not only will allow you to mark every workout according to course, pace, and distance, but you can track your heart rate, as well as sync with the Strava app which has its own community that you can share your workouts with. With 24 hours of battery life, you can easily complete a marathon with the five-hour battery life you’ll get with GPS and the heart monitor turned on, but you’ll easily get through the day with the standard 24-hour battery. On top of that, you’ll get normal alerts on your phone when connected to your smartphone or Wi-Fi network. With an AMOLED screen, and 4gb of memory, looks like Intel and New Balance are off to the races, and it started here at CES 2017.

For more information on the New Balance RunIQ, head here today.

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