Power Support Air Jacket for iPhone 4 Review

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I have a new favorite case for my iPhone 4. Actually, I have two new favorite cases for my iPhone . And no, neither of them are the Hello Kitty iPhone cases that are depicted above. (Those cases are of the same design as my “new faves” and we will be giving them away so read on.)


My new favorite iPhone cases come from Power Support. Judie met the folks from Power Support while she was in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress and was impressed by their story and their products. Upon her return she reached out to them and they were kind enough to send a number of review samples. Among the products that arrived were two iPhone cases that are from their “Air Jacket” line. The Air Jacket iPhone case is described as being “virtually as thin as air”. This translates to the case being under 1 mm thick and fitting around the iPhone snugly as if it were a second skin to the device.


Here’s how the company describes their case.:

Ultra thin, ultra light. Our air jacket is virtually as thin as air. Measuring under 1mm, the jacket snugly hugs the back of your iPhone 4 while the included screen film offers unsurpassed protection for your retina display. A crystal back film is included for an added layer of protection.



Custom made for the AT&T / International iPhone 4

Set includes 1 black air jacket, 1 HD anti-glare screen film, 1 crystal back film and 1 flash guard

Protects iPhone 4 from scratches, dust and low velocity impacts
Air jacket is nearly weightless to eliminate any added bulk

Compliments the iPhone 4 aesthetics and allows unimpeded use of the device

Crystal back film included for added layer of protection

Included flash guard will help eliminate distortion created by the camera’s flash

HD anti-glare screen film reduces glare, fingerprints and smudges and is compatible with retina display

Film will not interfere with touch screen responsiveness

Above is the case in Black.


And here it is in clear.


It all but disappears.


And it protects while letting the Apple logo show through.

The two cases that I have been using are designed for the iPhone on AT&T. There are, however, versions for the Verizon iPhone on the way.

The first thing that impressed me when I opened the boxes was the fact that in with the case you’ll find a screen protector and a film for the back of the iPhone. There is also what the company describes as a “flash guard”. (At first I could not figure out what the flash card referred to but then I discovered that it is an insert in the case itself that surrounds the camera lens and flash and helps eliminate distortion when using the flash.)


The case made from clear plastic has a smooth (read slippery) finish and, while it does not feel as good to hold as the black matte case it allows you to see the phone itself through the case. I’ve been using both and I’m quite pleased with them.

As you can see, when the case is on the iPhone (in this case it is the Black Matte case) it’s almost impossible to see from the front. I’ve noted elsewhere on the site that my preferred case is one that almost disappears and this is a great example of what I’m talking about. The case prevents scratches on the iPhones back and sides and gives just a bit of protection to the delicate device while not adding bulk or weight.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

IPhoto 4

The design is such that the mute toggle and the volume buttons are perfectly surrounded by the case. They remain accessible but look at it as they’re built into the case itself.

IPhoto 2

The bottom of the iPhone shows that the speaker and dock connector are exposed and accessible but the delicate corners are protected by the case.

IPhoto 3

The same goes for the top of the case where the power/sleep button, the microphone and the 3.5 mm headset jack are totally accessible despite the iPhone being in the case.

As I noted, these two cases have become my favorites and I’m leaning toward using the black matte case more often than the clear one simply because I prefer the feel of the soft touch material as opposed to the slippery clear plastic material of the other case.

When Power Support sent out the case samples they included two of their special Hello Kitty iPhone cases. Here’s a bit about them and then your opportunity to win one of them.

Yes, these cases have the same low profile design as the ones that I’m using as my “daily drivers” but have the whimsical Hello Kitty graphic and wording on the back. We are giving away both and here’s your opportunity to win one–

Rules are just below our summary.

Power Supports Air Jacket is available directly from the company.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: Includes front and back protection along with the case; case is precise in its fit and with regard to all cutouts; offers great scratch protection with a minimal of added bulk or weight

What Needs Improvement: Clear case is slippery


Power Support Hearts and Bows Air Jacket Set

Power Support has teamed up with Sanrio to create a line of air jackets featuring Hello Kitty looking her very best. Your iPhone 4 will be looking super cute and totally protected in the Hello Kitty air jacket set, which includes 2 films for all-over protection.

Set includes 1 air jacket, 1 Anti-Glare film and 1 Crystal back screen film

Printed with durable ink and high quality printing process

Protects iPhone 4 from scratches, dust, and low velocity impacts

At just 1mm thick, jacket is nearly weightless to eliminate any added bulk

Anti-glare and crystal films allow you to have versatility in protection for your LCD screen

Film will not interfere with touch screen responsiveness


Entering the contest is simple–

1. ReTweet this post

2. ReTweet two posts from this past week and tell us which you chose

3. Tell us who this case is for and why.

The fine print–

1. This contest will be open until Tuesday March 22; the winner will be announced shortly after.

2. Shipping address must be in the USA

3. If you’re entering this giveaway using Facebook connect, you MUST have your Facebook page set to accept messages from non-friends so we can contact you through your page if you are the winner. If you are unsure how to set your privacy settings to allow this, feel free to contact us for assistance or read Facebook’s instructions.

4. The winner will be announced on the site and will have 24 hours to contact us. After 24 hours a new winner will be picked.

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