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When the iPad 2 was released I went to put my original iPad 64GB + 3G on eBay. I was immediately presented with an option to sell it directly and, in the process, pay no shipping or fees. I loved the idea of not having to hassle with an auction and the possibility of being scammed so I accepted the offer. The transaction went through and I was sans iPad 1. My iPad 2 came and I love it. I still had some great accessories for the original iPad though and after a few days, realized I missed using them.  That was when I decided to pick up an inexpensive used 16GB WiFi iPad.

I immediately put the 16GB WiFi iPad in the GorillaMobile Yogi case/stand that I reviewed a short time ago. It is an amazingly useful iPad accessory that lets me grab the iPad and use it throughout the house in a variety of settings. It was perfect for my intended use of the iPad Classic except for one thing; the Yogi does not allow me to hang the iPad on the wall. That’s where the PadTab mounting system came in rather handy.

I was sent a PadTab kit for review a few weeks back. At first I hesitated to try it. After all, the PadTab requires affixing one part of the accessory directly to the iPad and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. Then I realized there was a nice workaround that let me get all the benefits of the PadTab without the “stick it on the back of your iPad” approach. I tried it and… love it.

Let me explain how I am using the PadTab.


From PadTab:

Product Features easy on, easy off design to quickly place or remove your tablet PC as you come and go. Mount your iPad, iPad 2 or tablet PC to any wall, cabinet, door, refrigerator, or surface. Low-profile PadTab means your tablet PC fits easily into most carrying cases and lays flat on a table top. Small Wall Tabs are inconspicuous and paintable. Comes with 2 WallTabs to hang your PadTab in 2 locations. Order multiple Wall Tabs for the kitchen, entryway, bathroom-any room where you need quick access to your tablet PC.


The PadTab system comes in two parts. First there is the “Mount”. This is attached to the iPad. Then there is the Wall Mount Tab. This goes on the wall.


Here is a quick graphic of how the system works. You place the Mount on the back iDevice using the four adhesive tabs on it. You then put one of the Wall Tabs on a vertical surface.

IMG 2444

The iPad Mount then slides over the tab and locks in place. It is a simple but effective way to mount the iPad.

But there is still that annoying question of “Do I want to stick something directly on my iPad?” Fortunately, you don’t HAVE TO! I quickly realized that I could just as easily put the iPad Mount on a shell-style iPad case as I could on the iPad itself. This lets me get all the benefits of the PadTab without adhering anything directly on the iPad. If I want to use it I put the iPad in the case. If I do not want to use the PadTab I simply remove the iPad from the case and, BAM! I have a pristine iPad with no additions to its back.

Let’s look at the actual application of it on my iPad… or more accurately, the actual application of it to my GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad.

IMG 2476

The first thing you have to do is put the iPad Mount in place. As noted above, because it uses adhesive to adhere to the back of the device or, in this case, the back of the GorillaMobile Yogi.

IMG 2477

The “Alignment Tool” is pretty self-explanatory. It helps you line up the Mount and the iPad so that the iPad will be straight when hanging on one of the tabs.

IMG 2479

It was easy to get in place correctly and, as you can see, there is good reason for me opting to use a shell-style case with the PadTab instead of affixing it directly on the iPad. After all, do you REALLY want this plastic square on your iPad ALL THE TIME?

2011 04 03 082943

The wall tabs are a different story. They are so small and unassuming that I happily put them in a few key locations around the house. I put one in the kitchen so I can read while having coffee, one in the master bath so I can catch up on RSS feeds when I shave and a few others in other choice locations. Yes, the tabs are permanently affixed, at least until you remove them, but they do not make a huge visual impact when not in use. (Translation, Elana said she was fine with my putting a few of them around the house.)

2011 04 03 083158

From there you can attach the iPad in portrait…

2011 04 03 083218

…or in landscape. Both work fine but you do need to be careful and make sure the two tabs are properly lined up before letting go. (This is a concern for me but it HAS NOT been an issue.)

IMG 2442

Finally, it is worth nothing that, as the PadTab site notes, the accessory works with the iPad 2 as well as other tablets. As they explain,

BREAKING NEWS: Works with iPad 2! You can do amazing things with the iPad, iPad 2 and coming wave of tablet PCs… but to truly tailor the experience in your home, you need an easy way to put your device at your eye-level or within your arm’s reach. Whether it’s on the fridge door or in the master bath, the PadTab mounting system makes sure your device is always at hand, wherever you may be.

The PadTab mounting solution is thin and clear. It makes for a perfect iPad wall mount. The WallTab can be applied to walls, cabinets, doors, refrigerators, and other flat surfaces without the need to drill, and can be painted to color-match the wall surface. What’s more, the PadTab can be installed without any tools using its industrial strength adhesive. Try the PadTab with your iPad, iPad 2, Galaxy Tab or Android powered tablet today!

The PadTab Mounting System is available directly from the manufacturer and from Amazon.

MSRP: $19.99 for the mounting system and $9.99 for two extra tabs

What I Like: Makes it easy to mount your iPad in a wide range of locations at work and home; You can get as many wall tabs as you like for maximum flexibility

What Needs Improvement: Device mount affixes permanently so you need to either deal with it on your iPad or use in conjunction with a case; Need to make sure the tabs are seated properly before letting go of the iPad

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