iPad Accessory Review: Breffo SpiderpodiumTablet

Anyone with a tablet has probably learned that it can be somewhat of an awkward device to use when not in an easy to hold position. It is not a problem while sitting on the couch or at a desk, but what about when cooking or laying in bed, or riding in a car — or when trying to use one anywhere else you can imagine that does not involve simply sitting in a chair. Some products act as a stand, kind of like a frame or book stand. Those products work well, but they are not exactly multi-functional. Breffo has introduced the SpiderpodiumTablet to allow users the ability to use their tablet devices virtually anywhere. The possibilities are endless, so let’s take a look.

The SpiderpodiumTablet is a flexible tablet stand that will work with any tablet device. The amazing design allows users to place their tablets in just about any position or on any surface for use. The product sports eight flexible “legs” covered in a soft rubbery material. Each of these legs has four sections that can be bent in any direction from 0 to 90 degrees. When laid out flat, the stand looks just like a large spider. The stand is lightweight but has a solid feel. I was never worried about damaging the legs, no matter what position or surface we used it on. This is one of those products that looks so simple, but you know took a lot of research and design work to perfect; it will mold and shape to your every need.

While reviewing this product, I was struggling at how to explain how the stand works. The SpiderpodiumTablet is such a simple looking stand, but its function can be as complex as you want it to be. Basically, the stand can be used in any place or for any use you can dream up. The tablet device can be placed in either landscape or portrait aspect ratio in all use positions. We decided to let my two sons help me find some of the places we could use the iPad along with the SpiderpodiumTablet. So instead of just using words about the product, we decided to just show you some of the places we have been able to use the iPad …

Watching movies on the bottom bunk.

Peyton’s other idea on how to watch movies while on the bottom bunk.

Peyton wanted to find a way for mom to use the iPad since I “never let her use it”. Riley said to put it where she cooks; this makes for an easy way to follow recipes.

Another way to watch movies. They were so proud that they came up with bringing a dining room chair in to attach the iPad. Peyton said it was like watching a real movie, “but little-er.”

Movies in the car! Travel in peace!

As you can see, the SpiderpodiumTablet from Breffo is one of the most versatile iPad accessories you can purchase. It will work with most any tablet, large GPS or digital frame and install to just about anything you can wrap a leg around. Not only is this the most useful tablet stand I have yet tried, it is also well made and brilliantly designed. If you use an iPad or other tablet device anywhere other than sitting on a couch, this is a must-have accessory. I would recommend the SpiderpodiumTablet to any friend looking for a stand for their tablet.


MSRP: $34.99 available here.

What I like: Simple to attach a tablet device virtually anywhere. Makes my iPad much more useful.

What could be improved: My only complaint now is that I do not have the smaller Spiderpodium to use with my iPhone!

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