iPad 2 Case Review: Yoobao Executive Genuine Leather Case for iPad 2

I have a new favorite case for my iPad 2 and, to be honest, it comes as a surprise to me. The case isn’t from a brand name. It doesn’t have a striking style. Isn’t one of the many luxury cases we have the good fortune of reviewing here on the site. No, this iPad 2 case is a relatively inexpensive, unassuming case for my constant companion and yet it has, for now, risen to the top of the heap. The case in question is the Yoobao Executive Genuine Leather Case for iPad 2 and it comes to us via our friends at Xengadget.


So why is this the case I am currently leaving on my iPad? Read on to find out.


Here’s what Xengadget’s site has to say about the case:

Version 2 of Yoobao Executive Genuine Leather Case for iPad 2. It features fully functional hibernation/smart cover feature, and is made of stylish, luxurious and high quality genuine leather in black, brown and red colors.

The case is tailored just right and fit your iPad 2 perfectly, and allows easy access to the ports, switches, speakers and sensors, etc. The built-in stand allows you to use your iPad 2 horizontally and vertically, and to view movies or type on the iPad 2 comfortably.

Photo 36

It Features:

Design and made specifically for Apple iPad 2, ultra light weight (6.3 oz)

The case supports the hibernation function just as the Apple smart case.

100% genuine leather – top quality first layer of natural cow leather

Perfect fit – full screen touchable and precise cutouts allowing easy access to charging
port, speakers, microphone, headphones jack, Volume control, etc.

Built-in kickstand allows you to operate your iPad 2 with ease

Innovative design allows you to install and remove iPad easily

Provides perfect protection to your iPad 2 against shock, damage, dust and scratch

Photo 43

The case comes in a simple box which, when opened, reveals the case stored in a sealed clear plastic bag. This is a packaging scheme we have all seen numerous times, and it is often associated with lower-end cases. That fact, combined with the lightweight of the case, made me immediately suspicious.

That suspicion got a bit worse when I removed the case from the plastic. Sure, the leather was a nice deep color, and the accent-colored stitching was straight and tight, but the leather had a bit of a smell that is, once again, often associated with lower-end leather products.

Note: if you are about to stop reading because I have scared you off, please refer back to the opening sentences of this review. This is currently MY FAVORITE iPad 2 case.

The case is styled similarly to the familiar folio cases, which have been common to both generations of iPad. The best way to describe the case is that it is the Apple brand case for the iPad 1, made out of leather and designed to fit the iPad 2.

Like the original Apple case, it has a cover that flaps closed but remains loose.

Photo 20

Like the Apple case, the iPad slips in from the center.

Photo 41

Like the Apple case, there is an extra flap of material that goes OVER the iPad…

Photo 42

…and then tucks behind the iPad to hold it securely in place.

Photo 38

Like the Apple case, this one has an edge that runs around three sides where the front and back portions of the material meet.

Photo 44

And like the Apple case, there is a bit of extra material on the back into which the cover can slip in order to create a built-in stand.

Photo 46

In short, I would argue that the inspiration — and perhaps even the actual design for this case — came from Apple’s now-retired version.

Photo 47

That isn’t a bad thing, mind you, since the only thing I really didn’t like about Apple’s case was the cheap material from which it was made.

Yes, unlike the Apple case, the Yoobao is made from leather that looks and feels great. This stands in stark contrast to the cheap material Apple used … and Apple charged the same price!

Photo 45

The case does a good job of maintaining the iPad 2’s sloped back. The result is that when you use the case you are adding some thickness and weight, but you don’t lose the nice feel of the iPad 2 as compared to the original iPad.

The leather is soft and textured just enough to make holding it quite comfortable and secure.

The cutouts for the camera, microphone, headphone jack, dock connector, rotate/mute toggle, and volume control are all done quite neatly and are generally precise. (I only say “for the most part” because the headphone jack is a bit off-center in my case.)

As noted, the case does not significantly increase the weight of the iPad. That’s a good thing since the device, while thinner and lighter than its predecessor, is still not as light as I might like.

A key draw of the iPad 2 is the “smart cover functionality” that allows Apple’s Smart Covers to put the device into sleep mode and wake it up once again simply by opening and closing the cover. Thankfully, Yoobao built the same technology (i.e., accurately placed magnets) into this cover as well.

The result is a folio case that no longer requires you to press the Home button when opening the cover. In other words, with the flap open, the iPad is on. When it is closed, it is put into sleep mode.

Photo 48

And that is where this case goes to the front of the line. I love the Smart Cover design. It brings a level of convenience that I have quickly grown to rely upon. And I would LOVE Apple’s Smart Covers if they were not so ridiculously overpriced and if they did not leave the sides and back of the iPad completely exposed.

I take my iPad with me pretty much everywhere, and am using it constantly. I NEED something that truly protects it. Apple’s Smart Covers don’t. This case does. Better still, this case does so for the price of the non-leather version of Apple’s cover.

That says it all and is the reason this case remains on my iPad… For now.


The case comes in Black, Red, and Brown and can be ordered from Xengadget’s Website. At the current price, it is a STEAL.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: Quality leather case; Looks and fits beautifully; Workmanship is excellent; Maintains the Smart Cover on/off feature; Doesn’t add a tremendous amount of bulk or weight; Looks good; A great price

What Needs Improvement: Had a less-than-good smell for the first few hours; The headphone cutout is not perfectly aligned


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  1. Rodney St. John | May 5, 2011 at 4:41 pm |

    Did you have any problems with the sleep/wake function? I’ve read a few reviews where people had problems getting the front cover to line up or it would put the device to sleep when folding it all the way back.

  2. None! And I just checked it again. Love this case (but have one coming for review tomorrow that might give it a run for its money!)

  3. Rodney St. John | May 6, 2011 at 6:38 am |

    Can you tell us which one?

  4. Sure 🙂
    It is the Sena Florence. Looks to have a similar design and IS FROM SENA!!! Which is always a good thing. It is more expensive so I’ll have to wait until I actually see it before being able to say much more than that.

  5. Rodney St. John | May 6, 2011 at 8:01 am |

    Ooh. That does look nice. And $79 is not outrageous. I can’t wait to read your review.

  6. No I think it is a great price for their quality and design!

  7. Rodney St. John | May 10, 2011 at 8:59 am |

    How is the Sena Florence? I really want to order a case soon. You can’t hear my tone in this text, but I’m not trying to be pushy, I’m just excited and I’m always impatient.

  8. I like it a lot and the review should be up tomorrow or at latest Thursday. It is by far a more refined case. As expected the leather is gorgeous. It does, however, have the disadvantage of the leather around the screen leaving a larger gap ie it is raised off the screen a bit more. Hard to explain without the pictures in the review.
    Bottom line: Both are great choices.

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