The Tudia Klip Will Stop Your Charging Cable from Fraying

Are you hard on your cables and have a serious problem with paying for a new one every time yours shorts or frays? Well lucky for you there’s someone who had the same issue that created a solution called the Tudia Klip.

The Tudia Klip was made to reduce Apple Cable strains, but I’m pretty sure these little knickknacks work for Micro-USB cables as well. Anyone who’s read any review of mine in regards to cables knows that I prefer flat cables, or my personal new favorite, the steel cable that eliminates fraying and has a lifetime warranty. But the Tudia Cable is for everyone, including myself who doesn’t want to pay a premium for a cord that’s only job is to charge your device, and not make you pay $20 a month later.

The Tudia Klip Will Stop Your Charging Cable from Fraying

Shoving them into a bag, or pulling them from a wall will eventually make any cable fray or have some sort of failure, and the Klip cable is made for those Apple Lightning or 30-pin charging cables that have a hard time understanding all you need it to do is charge your phone. The silicone and polycarbonate clip snaps onto your cable, and thus reduces strain by 80%. Perfect right? it also adds VERY little bulk, and extends your Apple cable life in the most cost-effective way. Available in five colors: blue, green, pink, gray and yellow, you’ll not only know your cord is the one in the room that’s working, but you’ll also know “hey, mine isn’t the traditional white Apple cable”.

The Tudia Klip Will Stop Your Charging Cable from Fraying

Available in pairs for just $6.99 at Amazon, this is one small item for a small price that will save you a big headache at the most inopportune time.

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