Livescribe Issues Mac OS X ‘Lion’ Compatibility Warning – Don’t Upgrade Yet!

Livescribe Issues Mac OS X 'Lion' Compatibility Warning - Don't Upgrade Yet!

If you depend on Livescribe Desktop on your Mac from day to day, they have some advice: don’t upgrade to Lion … yet! Here is what they are saying:

Livescribe Software Notice Regarding Mac OS X Lion
The current version of Livescribe Desktop 2.7.2 is not completely compatible with Apple’s new Mac OS upgrade (Lion) that will be available to the public this month.

We are working hard to complete an update to the Livescribe Desktop that will address this issue and plan to have it available for customers within the next few weeks.

Until this software update is available, we recommend that you do not upgrade your Mac OS to Lion as you may be temporarily blocked from transferring notes and audio from your smartpen to your Mac.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

The Livescribe team.

Since Lion is now available, I checked again at Livescribe support this morning, and they are still recommending not to update the OS until they work out compatibility and issue an update. On the forums the following reply was given to a question:

If you upgrade to Lion prior to our upcoming update to Livescribe Desktop, you will be able to access your existing notes in Livescribe Desktop without any issue. All existing notes already on the computer will be safe.

There could very well be issues with transferring new data from your Echo pen to Livescribe Desktop though, so this is why we sent the warning out to customers.

So if you transfer files daily you should definitely wait. But if you are like me and only occasionally move stuff from your pen, then at least you know you can access everything you have already transferred.

What are your OS X Lion upgrade plans? Personally I plan to transfer my Livescribe data … and then upgrade!

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  1. Hi, any news on the upgrade?

  2. Yes, you are good to go.

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  3. I upgraded and mine is still not working…  I’ve updated all my software and it still doesn’t work.  Am I missing something?

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