New Sony Reader Leaks — How Badly Do They WANT to Fail???

New Sony Reader Leaks — How Badly Do They WANT to Fail???

Big news if you’re a Sony fan! A Dutch site has leaked pictures and specifications of the new Sony Readers. (The same ones Sony has been denying were coming) They look…well, let’s check out the specs and then I’ll give my opinion.

Translated from Google:


The Sony PRS-T1 watching his brother looks on Mobile, the Xperia, with its curves and high quality chrome finish. Thin and light, so easy to take. The Sony PRS-T1 weighs only 168 grams. The screen is of the highest quality and provides optimal reading conditions. And while the battery will not suffer it. The Sony PRS-T1 read it one month at a charge. Modern functions you may well expect from Sony, and fortunately, the Sony PRS-T1 does not disappoint: WiFi, microSD support, dictionaries and a reproduction of the cover of a book in standby mode. With its stylish looks and striking improvement is the Sony PRS-T1 Sony yet another benchmark that can measure themselves against the competition.More compact, more beautiful … more

The Sony PRS-T1 is a significant improvement on three fronts. First the display.The E Ink display Pearl reads like real paper, has no reflection and high contrast. Resulting in a better reading experience. In addition, the appearance improved slightly, with a modern look. The aluminum is replaced by plastic, so the e-reader 168 grams and is ideal to hold. The last major improvement is the addition of a dual-touchscreen instead of a normal touch screen. This can now zoom pinch-to-carry and other operations where you can use two fingers.


Greatest advantage of e-reader is that a whole collection of books in a handy format can take. But then the battery will last long enough to become part of the collection to read. Fortunately, you experience one month reading pleasure with the Sony PRS-T1. And with that collection of books is also the mustache. So you can lose some 1,200 books on the internal memory of 2 GB. Or more via microSD cards. Do you go forward to a new book, you can log in via WiFi on the e-book store and gives you the best in books.

Look it up

The Sony PRS-T1 you have all the knowledge at hand, and Google Search on Wikipedia, so you’re shy to answer a pressing question, then this e-reader you an answer. In the vicinity of a WiFi connection, of course. You are abroad and want to translate a word, find the solution in an integrated dictionary of December 12.

Create your own Sony PRS-T1

The Sony PRS-T1 is compared with the previous issues to adapt even more, so you yourself can convey. How to make the Sony PRS-T1 more personal the book cover to display, while the reader standby mode. You can also change the font size and customize your reading experience as the optimum setting, that best works for you. Take notes on the book with a stylus, scribbling in the margins without lasting. Underline, highlight, add footnotes. The text is yours!

Features of the Sony PRS-T1:

6-inch E Ink display, dual touch
Resolution of 800 by 600 pixels
16 shades of gray
2 GB of internal memory, expandable via microSD cards
Supported file formats: EPUB, PDF, MP3, AAC, JPEG, PNG, POISON, BMP
12 dictionaries
Wikipedia and Google search

So we have the usual specifications: WiFi, eInk, the usual file formats (not sure what Google Translate thought POISON was in Dutch), and a touchscreen. A year ago, this would have been cutting edge, but now the NOOK Simple Touch Reader and Kobo Touch have been out for a few months at lower price points than Sony historically offers. In fact, they’ve been undercutting Sony’s existing Reader line since they debuted. But Sony must have learned from that, right?

If the Dutch website leaking this is to be believed, nope! They’re listing the price at € 164.95, or $237 USD. The NOOK Simple Touch Reader sells for $149, the Kobo Touch for $139, so it makes sense that Sony would sell significantly above both! NOOK is arguably the market leader along with Amazon’s Kindle (which lacks a touchscreen but ranges in price from $114 to $189), while Kobo is a smaller player. It isn’t clear how high Sony will end up pricing these devices, but pricing it higher than the more popular NOOK line is suicide. Sony has been losing retailers and marketshare with the current crop of Reader devices, and they aren’t going to lure new customers offering the same product as the competition for a lot more money.

But that’s just my take based on the specs. Once these are official, we’ll have a much better idea of features and prices. Hopefully, this leak is just the tip of the iceberg, and more exciting news from Sony will be arriving soon!

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  1. In Dutch, the word “gif” means “poison”.

  2. Wait, you are comparing rumored pricing in Euro (presumably with VAT added) to US dollars with no VAT. This comparison is apples to oranges, really.

    It’s probably still high, but the Kindle, for example, is 139 Euro in Germany, which is $200 US, though, of course, it is $114 here is the US.

    It’ll be better to assess this when pricing is official and listed as it will be sold in the US.

  3. It would be really nice if currency conversions would be how prices are calculated between US and Europe, because than we would have much more affordable devices here, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

    Prices in US for sure will not be as high as your conversions show. Typically in Europe prices are either close to 1:1 EUR:USD or higher, so if the device is supposed to be 165 EUR I would guess that would make it between 150 – 160 USD…

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