Music Diary Notes: Rdio and MOG Offer Gift Cards, Rdio Introduces Family Plans

Music Diary Notes: Rdio and MOG Offer Gift Cards, Rdio Introduces Family Plans

With the launch of Spotify crowding the relatively small on-demand music market, Rdio and MOG are working hard to maintain current members and to continue to grow their businesses. Rdio already has a great iPad app – the first one in the category – and MOG is working hard on one of their own. Loyal users recommend one service or the other to their friends. Now each has introduced ways for music fans to enjoy the services – MOG and Rdio now offer Gift Cards, and Rdio offers family subscriptions.

Gift cards are a great way to give someone the chance to experience Rdio or MOG for one month or as long as you like!

Here is what Rdio says about their gift card program:

Share your love of music by giving your friends and family an Rdio gift card. Starting today, you can purchase Rdio gift cards in any denomination from Give $10, $25, $50, $100 or any other amount toward your best pal’s subscription—they can redeem their card through or our mobile apps.

Do you remember that magical moment when you realized that Rdio means you can listen to whatever you want, try new music just for the heck of it, and discover great music through your friends? Inspire a friend’s Rdio revelation—once they have nearly 11 million songs to listen to anywhere, it’ll be their favorite gift all year.

In addition to online options, MOG is bringing gift cards to retail locations such as Target – to those massive Gift Card racks where you can get XBOX points, iTunes Cards, Home Depot cards … and now give the gift of MOG!

Here is what MOG says about their gift card program:

Give the gift of music with MOG gift cards.

Music makes the best gift, especially when you give nearly 12 million songs to someone you care about. Our listeners have been asking us for an easy way to give the gift of MOG, so we’ve partnered with Target to offer MOG gift cards!

Shoppers can purchase one-month MOG Primo gift cards at over 500 Target retail stores in the US for $9.99, and may also purchase one-month ($9.99) or two-month ($19.99) MOG Primo gift cards at Additional retail outlets will be selling them too, and we’ll announce those soon.
MOG gift cards make great stocking stuffers! What we think our listeners will love the most about them is how easy it is to share the music you like with your friends and family when they become MOG listeners too.

If your house is anything like mine, everyone likes their own style of music, and we all like to check out new stuff on MOG or Rdio. My kids have their own ‘shared playlist’ that features stuff both of them choose so there are never any fights over music while they are doing housework. But there are plenty of times when I will be listening to something and suddenly it stops and I get a ‘music playback started at another location’.

Well, Rdio has a way to deal with that (well, aside from multiple full-price accounts!) They are now offering Family Plans, which are all linked to a master account but allow fully independent settings and configurations. That way everyone gets their own account but you get a ‘loyalty discount’.

Here is what Rdio says about their family subscription program:

For many people sharing music starts at home, between parents, kids and significant others. Starting today, sharing music in a household isn’t just convenient, it’s also more economical—we’re proud to announce Rdio’s family subscription plan.

Did debating what to listen to replace the age-old TV remote struggle? Hopefully no longer—Rdio’s family plan makes it easy for everyone in your household to use Rdio simultaneously, wherever they are. Here’s how it works: each family member gets their own Rdio Unlimited account, with control over their own music collection, Rdio stations, network of followers, playlists, and all of Rdio’s other great features.

Someone in your family will use the main account, and he or she can add sub-accounts to their subscription. The first two accounts you add come with a great discount, but you can add as many as you like after that, all managed from one place.

Pricing details:
Two accounts cost $17.99 per month
Three accounts cost $22.99 per month
Time to get the rest of your family listening to their favorite music—no matter what their musical preferences, they can listen on Rdio.

I think that the idea of a family plan is great, especially if you are all heavy users and don’t want to get stuck unable to listen to music because one of your kids has their phone playing songs as they are working on homework or whatever.

What do you think about all of these moves? Would you go for a discounted family plan?

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