Simple Spread Is a Clever Lid-Mounted Spreader for Peanut Butter and More

Imagine this: you’re making a quick sandwich, reaching for that jar of peanut butter or mayo, and instead of fumbling for a knife and a plate, you simply twist open the lid and start spreading. That’s the magic of the Simple Spread — a nifty invention that turns your jar lid into a spreading tool, making snack time and meal prep a breeze.

Using Simple Spread to get peanut butter out of a jar.

How does it work? Well, it’s brilliantly simple. The Simple Spread securely attaches to most jar lids using a clever magnet system. Just place the top magnet on the outside of the lid and insert the spreader into the jar. The magnets attract each other, holding the spreader in place, ready for action.

How to use the Simple Spread

This convenient, all-in-one tool features a built-in spreader that stays neatly stored inside your jar when not in use. When you’re ready to spread, pop off the lid and get to work—no need for extra utensils or messy clean-up. And when it does need a wash, you can toss it in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning.

Simple Spread features

The beauty of the Simple Spread lies in its universal design. Thanks to a patent-pending dual magnetic mounting system, it fits snugly onto nearly every jar lid, regardless of size. Plus, it’s reusable and portable, so it’s perfect for tossing into your bag for picnics, camping trips, or office lunches.

Child using the Simple Spread to get peanut butter out of a jar.

Safety is key, especially when it comes to little hands. With the Simple Spread, there’s no need to worry about sharp knives. This child-friendly gadget makes spreading safe and easy, so even the youngest sandwich enthusiasts can join in.

Child using Simple Spread to put peanut butter on their sandwich.

The idea for Simple Spread emerged from a simple observation: Why fuss with dirty knives and wasted spreads when jars could come equipped with their own spreading tool?

After numerous tests and experiments, Sisu Creation, the team behind Simple Spread, perfected their magnetic mount, ensuring it’s strong enough to attach securely to lids without pinching your fingers.

Simple spread, a jar of peanut butter, and the retail packaging.

Whether you’re a parent looking for a mess-free way to let your kids make their own snacks, a college student living in a dorm, or an outdoor enthusiast craving a quick bite on the go, Simple Spread is your new kitchen companion. It’s designed for comfort, portability, and—above all—making snack time simpler.

So, say goodbye to messy knives and hello to the Simple Spread. It’s the ingenious solution that turns every jar into a ready-to-use spreader, making life a little easier, one sandwich at a time.

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