Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD Cards Bring More Storage at Faster Speeds

Gamers and those who keep a lot of media on their devices will appreciate the latest Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD cards, which feature enhanced speeds and expanded storage. These new cards can deliver up to 23% faster transfer speeds than their predecessors, clocking in with speeds up to 160 MB/s. Notably, this lineup includes introducing 1TB capacity microSD cards, a storage capacity previously reserved for Samsung SSDs.

Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD cards.

The Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD cards are designed to be versatile. They are compatible with Android smartphones, tablets, laptops, and portable gaming consoles, allowing seamless content transfer and sharing across multiple devices.

EVO Select microSD with Adapter

With a Grade 3 (U3) Speed Grade, they are also optimized for high-resolution and 4K video recording devices. Additionally, 128GB and higher capacities support an application performance class of A2, which is important for running applications directly from the microSD card on mobile devices.

EVO Select microSD card Front

Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD cards also feature a video speed class rating of V30, so you can quickly transfer large video files. On top of that, they are backed by Samsung’s six-proof protection, making them resistant to water, extreme temperatures, x-ray exposure, wear-out, drops, and magnetic impact, ensuring durability and data security.

With the mobile and handheld gaming market on the rise, we sought to make data transfers on those devices even faster with these updated EVO Select and EVO Plus lines. We also heard the need for more space options like a 1TB memory card for digital files like games, video footage from phones, cameras and drones, photos, and creative designs.

With this addition to the lineup, you can be confident you’ll have plenty of space, fast speeds, and the durability needed to last for years to come. – Jose Hernandez, Senior Director of Memory Product Marketing at Samsung

EVO Plus microSD with Adapter

Samsung’s latest microSD cards represent a significant step forward in mobile storage technology, addressing the increasing demands for higher capacity and faster data transfer speeds across a wide range of devices.

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The updated Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD cards are now available in capacities ranging from 64GB to 512GB, with the 1TB option for the EVO Select expected later this year. They can be purchased directly from and other select retailers; a ten-year limited warranty backs them for added peace of mind.

  • EVO Select microSD cards
    • 64GB ($14.99)
    • 128GB ($18.99)
    • 256GB ($29.99)
    • 512GB ($55.99)
    • 1TB (Coming later this year)
  • EVO Plus microSD cards
    • 64GB ($15.99)
    • 128GB ($20.99)
    • 256GB ($31.99)
    • 512GB ($60.99)

If you’ve been eyeing the Samsung PRO Plus microSD cards, which are available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacities, you’ll be pleased to know that a 1TB version in that line will also be coming later this year.

Click here for more info and to purchase the latest Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD cards.

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