Astronaut Foods Can Make Your 2024 Eclipse Safe and Tasty

Get ready to mark your calendars because a rare celestial event is on the horizon! The last time North America witnessed a solar eclipse was back in 2017, and we won’t get another chance until 2044. But on Monday, April 8th, skygazers in parts of the US will be treated to an awe-inspiring sight. What better way to get kids interested in science and space exploration? Astronaut Foods, known for its freeze-dried ice cream and fruit, is stepping up to make this celestial celebration one to remember.

Eclipse path photo courtesy of NASA

Eclipse path photo courtesy of NASA Goddard.

I first had freeze-dried ice cream while visiting the Goddard Visitor Center as a kid in the late 70s, and I thought it was incredible. I’ve associated it with space travel ever since, even if it is a bit too crumbly to actually eat in space.

But still, what better way to celebrate the upcoming total eclipse than with freeze-dried treats from Astronaut Foods?

Astronaut Ice Cream comes in four flavors: Vanilla, Neapolitan, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookies & Cream. Made with 100% real ice cream, these freeze-dried treats require no freezer, are USA-made, and boast a shelf life of three years.

And yes, this is the same freeze-dried ice cream you can buy in museums, space centers, and NASA’s online shop!

Astronaut Foods Chocolate Chip Mint Freeze Dried Ice Cream

For the 2024 total eclipse, Astronaut Foods is selling special edition Solar Eclipse Glasses for $3.99. These glasses are a must-have accessory to view the eclipse without searing your retinas.

Solar Eclipse Glasses

Astronaut Foods offers individual freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches at $4.99 each. They also offer a $39.92 Variety Pack, which has two of each flavor, and a $35.92 Outer Space Food Survival Kit, which includes a sampling of their offerings, from ice cream sandwiches to freeze-dried fruits like cinnamon apples and whole strawberries.

Astronaut Foods Freeze Dried Strawberries

Are you unsure what to do during the eclipse? Astronaut Foods has put together a blog post with eclipse party ideas and tips on what to watch for during the event. So, whether you’re hosting a space-themed bash or simply seeking a tasty viewing experience, Astronaut Foods has you covered.

Doctored photograph of Neil Armstrong holding Astronaut Food freeze dried ice cream on the moon.

Yes, this photo has been doctored from the original, but it’s fun to imagine Neil Armstrong enjoying astronaut ice cream on the moon!

Kev and I are looking forward to driving just a couple of hours east from our home (where we’d only be able to see a partial eclipse) to stay with friends who live on the path of totality and enjoy the full cosmic show.

Have you made any plans for where you’ll be?


Visit Astronaut Foods’ website for more information. To ensure your cosmic treats and glasses arrive on time, place your order by April 1st.

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