Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi and Yale Keypad Offer Easy DIY Smart Security Options for Renters

Today, Yale has introduced its first retrofit smart security solution, which will make the brand’s security products available for the first time to most US renters. The Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi and the wireless Yale Keypad are designed with first-time users, renters, and those hesitant to modify their locks in mind; these products promise an affordable, top-tier, and user-friendly solution, with a myriad of access options for key-free convenience.

Yale Approach with Keypad

Yale Approach with Keypad

This move by Yale represents not only a significant expansion of its product offerings but also a major step forward in making advanced smarthome security technology accessible to renters who live in houses, condos, and apartments, which typically have rules against making permanent changes to the dwelling or changing the locks.

With Yale’s focus on affordability, ease of installation, and key-free convenience, renters and homeowners alike can now give themselves enhanced peace of mind and security.

Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi

This discreet, interior-only smart lock will give you and your housemates the freedom to come and go as you please. Thanks to a suite of features, including Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock, and the ability to control the lock remotely via the Yale Access app, the existing bolt can be retrofitted as a smart lock without requiring a new set of keys.

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Yale Approach installation is a breeze, requiring only a screwdriver and an average of 10 minutes. What’s more, it’s renter-friendly because it seamlessly fits onto the back of most standard deadbolts.

Yale Keypad

Serving as the wireless companion to the Yale Approach (or any of the over 750,000 compatible August smart locks currently on the market), the Yale Keypad offers even more key-free convenience.

With the Yale Keypad’s One-Touch locking feature, you can securely lock and unlock your door using a personalized code, eliminating the need for traditional keys altogether.

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The Yale Approach costs $129.99, while the Yale Keypad is $69.99. They can be purchased together as a bundle for $179.99.

Click here to learn more or purchase the Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi and the Yale Keypad.

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