iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II

iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II

Finding the perfect iPad 2 case can begin to seem as impossible as finding a golden pearl in a sea of clams, but if you keep looking then you may find your oyster. I’ve watched Dan go through one iPad case after another; every once in a while he’ll find one that he truly likes, but there was ultimately always an issue: “this one makes the iPad too fat”, “this one makes the iPad too heavy”, “this one doesn’t close the way I’d like it to, but I like the materials”. It’s all very “The Three Bears”, isn’t it? And then thee was the time when I pointed out the neon green interior of one he was carrying, and he expressed surprise and promptly retired the case. Dan is, for those of you who don’t know him personally, color-blind.

When I was sent the Beyzacases iPad 2 Executive II Case, I knew that even though I was going to enjoy using it as I wrote up its review, I would not allow myself to become too attached because I would not be keeping the case. Not because Beyza didn’t send me a review unit that I could keep, but because I had a feeling that I might have just received Dan’s “just right” iPad case. Would that turn out to be the case? Read on to see …

When I opened the Beyza box and got a whiff of the leathery goodness, my nose was satisfied, but once I unwrapped the tissue surrounding it, I was truly blown away. Inside was a pebbly black leather cover done in the style of the Apple iPad 2 Smart cover.

iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II
Note the unobtrusive Beyza Cases logo on the bottom right corner

But this smart cover also had a molded leather side which would cover the iPad 2’s metal back. Unlike other cases of this style that I’ve seen, the Beyzacases Executive II is easily the lightest and most floppy; yet I could tell that it would also do a good job protecting its contents because it covered all corners and was lightly padded in the areas which would fit across the screen and across the back.

iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II
Note the shiny silver “beyzacases logo on the back”; I think it breaks up the sea of black nicely.

As with other cases made in this style, there is a leather holster into which the iPad slides. The iPad’s bezel is perfectly framed with soft, supple leather, and when the cover is closed alcantara lining will protect the screen from wayward scratches and dings.

iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II

The cutouts are perfectly placed …

iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II

… so that all buttons and ports are easily accessible.

iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II

Take note of how the cutouts are centered; this case is amazing in its attention to detail and the way that it gets everything right!

iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II

Best of all, this case uses the securing method that I most like when keeping a tablet in a holster-style case: there is a flap of leather that extends past the edge of iPad 2’s left side and then tucks behind the tablet. This is better than leaving the side open or creating some other kind of complicated holding mechanism.

iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II

When the iPad is in the Executive II, it is still quite a thin and light package; the leather is protective, but it is not bulky, thick or weighty.

 iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II

And as one would expect with any quality iPad 2 case, the Executive II uses perfectly placed magnets to not only keep the cover closed, but to also activate the iPad 2’s screen when the cover is flipped back.iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II
Because the cover is sectioned to allow it, you are able to fold it back to create a lightly sloped easel for typing when the iPad is in landscape mode.

 iPad 2 Case Review: Beyzacases Executive II

I can’t say enough good about this case; never mind the perfect cutouts, the light and yet protective leather, the full smart-cover functionality, and the leather’s yummy smell. No, what I like most about this case is that Beyza took a good idea that countless others have tried to expand upon, and they not only succeeded in doing so, they managed to make the best yet in this class.

Dan’s been using it for a couple of weeks now, and this is what he has to say about it:

I’m REALLY glad Judie didn’t let herself become too attached to the case because, she’s right, I do love it. Everything Judie said about it is true, but there is one aspect I want to emphasize. There are cases that protect your iPad, and there are cases that look good. Then there are cases that protect your iPad, look good and ENHANCE your experience of actually using the device. That’s the category the Executive II falls into. When you are using the iPad in it you enjoy the iPad that much more. It feels luxurious without being ostentatious. It looks high-end because it is. And as the leather has begin to show even a tiny bit of wear (I’m tough on my cases because I use my iPad a ton), it only adds to the attractiveness of the case.

I will admit that during the Jewish holidays I opted for the Sena Florence (also a lovely case), but only because the Beyzacases Executive II cover’s four “hinged” areas flopped around a bit too much when I was using the iPad as a prayerbook. The case is back on my iPad… and that’s where it’s stayin’!!

If you prefer a book-style case that looks professional and expensive, doesn’t add weight or bulk to your tablet — and yes — smells amazing, then the Beyzacases Executive II is the one!

The  Beyzacases iPad 2 Executive II Case is available directly from the manufacturer; it is available in black, red, tan and white.

MSRP: €129.95

What I Like:Amazingly thin and light black pebbled leather lined with protective alcantara; professional appearance; smells amazing; perfectly lined up cutouts; a smart screen cover with a protective back that doesn’t add bulk or weight

What Needs Improvement: It’s not inexpensive, but the quality justifies the price

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  1. I got the red version of the case, and literally after 3 days of use, the cover’s material begun to split on the bottom right corner. I returned it to the shop where I bought it, thinking that it must be a one-off problem, and got an other case – guess what, that same problem appeared after a couple of weeks of usage. For this price I was expecting more..

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