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October 13, 2011 • Gear Bits

Lining Up for the iPhone 4S, Australian Style!

Rather than lie in bed lazily this morning (or tomorrow morning, for those of us in the United States), Mitchell has been waiting patiently in line at a local Apple Store along with a crowd of other hopeful iPhone 4S owners.

The irony of photographing the Apple launch on the EVO 3D. I should have brought the Galaxy S II! 😛

In an email with the subject line, “I’m a nerd,” Mitchell let me know how his morning was going. Well of course you’re a nerd, Mitchell! But there’s no shame in it, and you’re in good company!

After all, I’m the dork that was up until 4am the morning of the 7th, making sure that Kev’s, Dan’s and my iPhone 4S orders were all secured — and they will hopefully be delivered by tomorrow afternoon!

The store here is really organised. The guy in the second photo is handing out water to the people in line, and also gives you a reservation card with the phone you want to buy on it.

So if you have a card, you have a phone!

Also worth noting it looks like Aussie apple preorders aren’t getting delivered till next week. Total fail IMO, and at odds with how organised the store is.

I asked how many people had showed up …

I’d say about 60-80. They have two lines, one for contract customers, the other for outright buyers, and the outright buyers far outnumber the contracts.

I got here around 7.15 for the 8am opening. Had to get coffee first 😛

Worth noting this isn’t a flagship store, so it’s a pretty good turnout I think.

I swear, the staff at Apple stores really give the impression they have the best jobs in the world. It’s just awesome, and its what sets Apple apart – the experience.

The only reason people are lining up at the Samsung shop in Sydney is because they are giving the Galaxy S II away for $2 to the first 10 people each morning 😛

I really like my Galaxy, its worth at least $9.

Have to say, using the solid, hefty EVO 3D for the last 24 hrs has been nice 🙂

Way to go, Mitchell — you’ve snagged your 4S! =)

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