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February 6, 2012 • Editorials

Gear Chat 2012- We’re Back!!


It has been over a year but Gear Chat is back and we’re talking tech. In this first episode Thomas and I talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Series 7 Slate tablet and what configuration of Apple computing products is best. Future episodes will include Gaming and eBook segments and much more. We also want to hear from you! What content do you want covered? What questions do you have? Would you like us to do the podcast as a live, call-in conversation? We want to know.

Happy listening and, as always, thanks for sharing via Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. thenikjones says:

    I get the message “Your browser does not support the audio element” – would you provide a link to it please? Ideally one I can type into Podcaster so I can download future episodes automatically.

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