Stack the Odds in Your Favor with Hunger Games Skins!

Stack the Odds in Your Favor with Hunger Games Skins!

I admit it-I devoured the “Hunger Games” trilogy in less than three days while on vacation! The story combined everything I love about a good series; there was political intrigue, a strong female heroine, and lots of action and gore! While I’m not rushing out and buying tickets for the midnight showing, I do stop and watch the trailer whenever I see it on TV.

But if you really love The Hunger Games, there’s only one way to show it: with a device skin from SkinIt! This way when you whip out your iPhone, iPad or another device, you can also establish the important things in life. Are you rooting for Gale or Peeta? Or do you prefer the understated yet badass flaming Mockingjay logo? Why not get them all! After all, according to SkinIt these are easy to apply and remove:

Skinit device skins are the easy way to protect your electronics and personalize them at the same time by using a thin protective “skin” applied directly to the surface of your device.

Each skin is made from a flexible, super-strong, vinyl material that has been specially crafted to perfectly fit every corner, cutout and curve of your device – providing the ultimate in custom lightweight protection from everyday bumps, scuffs and scratches.

And best of all, when you’re ready to change up your style it’s easy, simply pull off your old skin and replace with a new one, no mess, no residue.

Need help deciding? Review your options with The Hunger Games Trailer and then head over to SkinIt to see all the great designs!

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