LifeProof Belt Clip, Bike and Bar Mount, and GoPro Mount for iPhone 4S Video Review

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We reviewed the LifeProof case for the iPhone 4 and 4S a short while ago. (You can read the full review here.) The LifeProof case is intended for people who lead a busy, often rugged, life. After all, it is water, crush, dust and… life proof. (It is, however, thin and light enough for any and everyone to use.) Since it is perfect for a variety of activities it only makes sense that the company would offer a number of different cradles for keeping the case… and your iPhone… safe and secure. Here’s a video look at three of them followed by a picture and information on each.

Each of the mount/cradles feature the following:

Light weight honeycomb construction with premium high-impact materials for optimal strength to weight ration
Accepts LifeProof iPhone 4 + iPhone 4S case
Use your performance and navigation apps in real-time
All buttons and features accessible in mount, including speaker and microphone.
Fits wide range of bars and bar-stems
Adjustable for portrait or landscape orientation
One-handed release latch for fast insertion and removal of LifeProof case
Integrated lock switch to prevent unwanted removal of iPhone.
Rear camera compatible – can be adjusted to vertical angle suitable for video recording activities
Accepts phone facing in or out
Compatible with Bluetooth headsets
Suitable for any use in any weather, seawater, dirt, and snow, including high vibration environments



Do you need quick access to your mobile device? With the LifeProof Belt Clip you can have your LifeProof ‘at the ready’. You can conveniently click-in or pull out your device with the ease of one hand. This Duo kit includes two clips – one 1.5″ for “regular” belts and the other 2″ wide for duty belts used in Military and emergency services such as law enforcement, fire rescue, and all tough-jobs.

The Belt Clip is $29.99 and can be purchased here.


Throw away that plastic bag! With the LifeProof Bike and Bar Mount for your iPhone 4/4S Case, you will be able to bring your mobile device on that biking adventure in any weather conditions. Designed for both pedal bikes and Motorbikes, the LifeProof Bike & Bar Mount allows you to place your device on your handlebars in landscape or portrait orientation. You can map out your routes on GPS, measure the distances you have traveled, and even listen to your favorite tunes on speaker! The LifeProof Bike & Bar Mount allows you to conveniently place and remove your device with one hand through a quick release locking mechanism, giving you the ability to fully focus on enjoying the ride.

The Bike and Bar Mount is $39.99 and can be purchased here.



Share your greatest adventures with the world! Take your LifeProof on all your adventures and share the experience with everyone. Attach your LifeProof to your GoPro ® mounts with the LifeProof Adapter and capture crystal-clear 1080p HD video in any environment. Film that intense mountain biking adventure, that ‘killer’ surf wave, or even that family kayak trip with your LifeProof and LifeProof Adapter.


The Bike and Bar Mount is $29.99.

What I Like: Perfect compliments to your LifeProof case; Sturdy; Let’s you still use the camera; Holds the iPhone securely; Easy release but only when you want it

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, these are a great addition to the line; Okay I do have a complaint… the armband isn’t yet available 🙂

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