Google, This Is Why You FAIL

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Google, This Is Why You FAIL Listen to this article


This morning I got excited, at first.  I saw on my phone and my tablet that Temple Run has had an update.  The game has been less than stable on all of my devices so I was anxious to get the update to see if it was fixed.

So I go to the Google Play Store to download it and get an error 927.  Tried multiple times and got both error 927 and 941.  Cleared data on the Google Play store, force stopped the app, rebooted and tried multiple things and was still unable to download the game.   I am sure it will be fixed later, but I’ve been having issues with the Google Play store since the name change.

My wife never has issues with iTunes. Not saying that iTunes doesn’t have issues, but the issues won’t stop me from updating or purchasing apps.  Like I said in my letter: Google FIX THIS.  The clock is ticking.  If I continue to have issues, I will be going to the iPhone 4S.  Some say, why don’t you wait?  I am tired of waiting.  I want a phone that doesn’t just work 90 percent of the time!

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