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April 1, 2012 • News

500 iPads Purchased for Most Unlikely Use, Entertaining Cows

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A mid-western dairy is reportedly purchasing 500 iPads for use in a most unusual way. They have found that having an iPad at eye-level, playing music and showing slides of other cows, while milking takes place yields up to 50% more milk and the milk that results is sweeter than normal.

“I just stumbled upon this by accident after my wife Jane purchased me an iPad for Valentines Day.” said the owner of the farm. (He requested that he not be identified.)

Now here is the funny thing- it seems that different cows like different types of music and imagery and there appears to be no correlation to the type, gender or age of bovine. “Some cows seem to like classical music,” said the farmer’s wife (who also asked not to be identified but was already referred to as Jane Z by her spouse) “while others like classic rock! In fact, one time, “she said unable to restrain her smile and amusement, “Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor” came on and one cow put out triple the milk. Go figure.”

The 500 iPads are as much for testing as they are for anything else. “If we can find which type of music and imagery works for each cow we will triple our business. I’m sure Steve Jobs didn’t envision this use for his tablet but it sure is magical!”

When asked if they had tried the same approach with Android tablets the husband and wife laughed and said, “We did and we saw a bit of success but there were so many variables, such as each tablet seeming to have its own operating system, that we couldn’t find a consistent experience. Who has time for all the work that takes?”

When asked if they had tried the Blackberry PlayBook they replied in unison, “Blackberry makes a tablet?”



One Response to " 500 iPads Purchased for Most Unlikely Use, Entertaining Cows "

  1. steffenjobbs says:

    Android fragmentation.  What a joke.  I’m sure even cows would think that Android tablets suck.  I hope those cows enjoy every minute with those iPads.  As an Apple shareholder, if those cows are happy then so am I.  Cows are such wonderful creatures, they deserve the best tablet on the planet.

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