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June 11, 2012 • Gear Bits

Why It May Not Be “Business As Usual” at WWDC This Year


There have been some significant changes at Apple since Steve Jobs died and Tim Cook took over the company.

The first major change was that Apple introduced a charitable matching program for Apple employees. Say what you want about Steve Jobs, he was not known for his public philanthropy. Cook changed that.

Here’s another indication that the company culture is changing, albeit in small ways. I received this email from Apple today. It asks for my thoughts on the Apple Store. Why is this such a significant change? Under Steve Jobs, Apple TOLD consumers what they wanted– not the other way around. For Apple to be actively seeking input from customers is something entirely new for them and would never have happened under the old regime.

So here’s my suggestion-

I want a free cappuccino machine

Free five minutes back rubs

And 25% off all day, every day.

How about you?

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