Run Roo Run iOS Review


Type of app: iOS, Universal for iPad and iPhone

Platform/where to buy: iTunes, App Store

Developer: 5th Cell

Description (from the App Store): Hop, skip and jump Your way across tons unique and interesting obstacles in the Australian Outback! Run Run Roo is a micro-platformer featuring single screen levels filled with unique, fun obstacles and easy to learn one-touch gameplay. Play for only a few minutes or a few hours; your journey to Sydney always picks up where you left off.

Major features: Run Roo Run is a micro-platformer, meaning each level is a single screen. Make it across and you succeed. The object is to guide the kangaroo across Australia to reach Sydney. Each stop along the way will present a series of levels that must be defeated in order to move forward. The levels are full of obstacles that the kangaroo must avoid. Basically, the game is all about timing jumps to get a faster time and not hit anything.


Ease of use/Overall performance: The game starts out super easy basically to train players on the different obstacles. As the game moves forward, levels gradually become more difficult. This helps keep the learning curve low, though some players might get bored with the early levels quickly. The levels are fun and addicting and progress is always saved. Learning to double jump and swing are important skills to learn to beat the more difficult levels.

Would use again/recommend?: Run Run Roo is a fun game I would recommend to the casual gamer. There is something to be said of a game that can be opened and played for a few minutes here and there without missing a beat. The levels are quick and since ou always start off where you left it, there is no playing catch up. Perfect time killer when waiting for an appointment or riding in your car or bus.

Suggested changes/wish list for updates: I actually found the music to be quit annoying. Luckily I almost always play games in silence, but I could see the audio annoying some players.

Price: Free


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