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September 19, 2012 • News

Apple iOS 6 Update Now Available for Download!

Today is iOS 6 release day, and as anticipated the update went ‘live’ close to 10AM Pacific Time. As often happens, the servers will get hit hard and make downloading and updating a slow and sometimes frustrating thing.

Make sure you:
– Have the space on your device
– Have a good WiFi connection
– Have the time to leave the device in one place for the update

Good luck and report on your experiences! My download is going s-l-o-w right now …

If you want more details on the iOS 6 update, head to Apple!

2 Responses to " Apple iOS 6 Update Now Available for Download! "

  1. Bryan Eley says:

    I got it downloaded in about 7 minutes, but my iPad2 is taking its sweet time updating.

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