Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?

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Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire? Listen to this article
Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?
We were all super excited here at Gear Diary to download iOS 6! Some of it has been exciting, but on the whole we have some mixed feelings about how exciting this is … read on for our thoughts!
Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?Douglas Moran: Downloaded and installed iOS 6 onto my iPhone 4S. Not much to report so far–although THANK GOD Bluetooth is now on the top-level in Settings!–but I’ve noticed that *every time* I tap the “Genius” button in the App Store, uh, app, it crashes the app. Every time. Tried rebooting my iPhone, and no joy. Anyone else seeing this? Did a google search but didn’t turn up anything.
Also: on the one hand I’m glad to see that the various app providers are right on top of it with getting an iOS 6 update out as quickly as possible. On the down side, though: I think I’ve installed something like 30 updates today. Oy. (But at least not, “OY!”) PS-Sorry for mixing my metaphors there!

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?



Travis Ehrlich: I just finished updating my 4. Minor changes, but all good so far.

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?Douglas Moran: Whatever data they used for the new version of the Apple Maps utility is out of date. *Very* out of date. Like, *years* out of date. The visual info for my block is *at least* 2 years old, and possibly older.

Oh, and how the hell do you report bugs? I went through the process under the “Support” tab on the Apple page, and ended up with a choice: “Contact carrier” or “Take it in to Genius bar.” It’s a software but the Genius bar won’t be able to help with, so both options are useless. How the heck do you report a software bug to them?

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?Christopher Wayne: I haven’t experienced the Genius problem you report. Not many players on Passbook yet. The maps come from TomTom, who I think is the WORST choice for maps in the U.S. I wish Apple had chosen anyone but them! Big negative. Other change is that I had switched my AT&T account to an LTE account (from an iPhone account), so that I could support my Lumia 900 as well. Everything kept working on my iPhone just fine until this update; iOS6 broke my tethering. I can get it back by switching my account back to an iPhone account, but ugh.

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?Douglas Moran: Hm, that’s weird.

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?



Carly Z: I don’t get passbook. Though its marginally more useful than newsstand at least. I am underwhelmed on the whole with this update, but the new mail is very nice.

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?Douglas Moran: Wow: Siri works better and can launch apps–I think that’s just great. *Finally* the bluetooth toggle is on the first page of the settings; Yay!. Maps: meh. Out of date. I like the *idea*, but it looks very Beta-release-ish to me. (There’s a house around the corner from me that’s been there for, literally, two years that isn’t on the map. Lame.) Not sure I like the new look-and-feel in the phone app; very bland. Music app reset the default buttons at the bottom–i.e. I had moved “Albums” out and “Podcasts” in, and that got reset. Annoying, but no big deal. As I noted, the “Genius” button on the App store crashes the app every time for me. More as I come to it. Overall, it’s fine, but nothing to get pumped about. Maybe it’ll look better on the iPhone 5?

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?Joel McLaughlin: Yep….that’s probably the worst of the update….have to look at it with my wife’s phone.

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?Travis Ehrlich: I’ve read many complaints about the maps used but have not had much time to mess with them. I also have had the App Store Genius crash each time I have tried it. Decent update, but not much to get excited about on the iPhone 4. Oh yeah, lots of new emoji icons.

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?Carly Z: Hmm. According to apples map app, I have no neighbors behind my house. It’s just an empty lot and then street. How freaking old is their map data?

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?Christopher Wayne: Tom Tom’s map data – not Apple’s. And it’s crap – Tom Tom owns TeleAtlas and their US data was always terrible. Apple should have bought their data from Navteq. Big mistake going with Tom Tom.

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?



Joel McLaughlin: Looking like the 70s…..

Is iOS 6 Setting Your World on Fire?Christopher Wayne: It’s sad. The app isn’t bad at all, especially for a v1.0 release, but it suffers from an unreliable data source. Pity.

Are you blown away by iOS6, or is this more of an “under the hood improvements” type of update for you? Let us know in the comments!

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