PowerStick+ Backup Battery with 4GB of storage and Gear Diary Branding Review

Gear Diary PowerStick

CES is coming up quickly, and we’re making lists of the gear we’ll be bringing. When PowerStick reached out and told us about some of their upcoming products, we knew we wanted to spend some time with them in Las Vegas. And when they offered to brand a couple of their PowerStick+ backup batteries with the Gear Diary logo … well, that was an offer we couldn’t refuse. After all, the PowerStick+ packs in a 2300mAh battery AND 4, 8 or 16GB of storage into a small package that easily slips into a pocket or gear bag. Let’s take a look.

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From PowerStick:

The PowerStick+ is the latest model in a line of portable power chargers designed and manufactured in Canada. It features a high-efficiency charging unit and fail-safe shutoff sensors, all in a brandable ABS plastic housing.

The PowerStick+ is the only portable power charger that features flash memory ranging in capacities from 4GB to 16GB. Users can take advantage of this technology to transfer images and files to their PowerStick+ charger.

The PowerStick+ comes with three connectors: micro-USB, mini-USB and Apple 32-pin. For iPhone 5 users, the PowerStick+ represents an immediate charging solution.

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Inside the box you’ll find the PowerStick+, a carrying case, a USB to MiniUSB mini-cable, a microUSB adapter and an Apple 30-pin adapter. To use the PowerStick+ with the iPhone 5, you’ll need to attach your own Lightning cable.

Gear Diary PowerStick 012

One side of the two PowerSticks sent for Judie and me to use at CES has the Gear Diary logo. Looks great, don’t you think??

Obviously those purchased from the site won’t come with the logo, but I do love the idea of pulling out the PowerStick+ next month and, in the process, letting people know about our site! 🙂

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The other side of the PowerStick+ has a fuel gauge to let you know how much of a charge remains. Next to it you’ll find the power button. The bottom of the PowerStick+ has the company name and the SSD capacity. We were both sent the 4GB capacity variety.

Gear Diary PowerStick 014

The USB to Mini USB cable plugs into one end. From there you can charge it, store data or access what is on it. You can, as the product page notes, even use it while charging. From PowerStick:

Energizing your mobile lifestyle doesn’t require a bunny. It requires our amazing Ecosol Powerstick+. Simply pop it into your USB port and let it charge up. A fuel gauge lets you monitor its progress. Then connect the Powerstick+ to virtually any portable device – and it transfers the charge while allowing you to use that device even as it’s being charged.

Gear Diary PowerStick 015

Add the easy-to-use adapter, and you can use the PowerStick+ with any device requiring a microUSB connector.

Gear Diary PowerStick 016

Connect the 30-pin connector adapter, and you can charge prior generation iOS devices.

Screen Shot 2012 12 13 at 12 57 50 PM

As previously noted, you will need to supply your own cable if you are using a current generation iOS device.

The PowerStick+ is a simple device, but a quick look at its specifications make clear the fact that this is no toy. With 2300 mAhs of extra battery and up to 16GB of storage, the PowerStick+ is a terrific little travel companion.

Screen Shot 2012 12 13 at 12 58 05 PM

The company says it all and, in this case, there is truth in advertising.

It is so easy to use. Plug the Powerstick+ into a USB port to charge including desktops, laptops, car stereos and aeroplane seats. The fuel gauge turns on when charging begins. With the appropriate connector, plug the Powerstick+ into your device’s charger port. Press the start button and your device has instant power. You can even use the device while it charges.

Gear Diary PowerStick 018

I’m impressed by this little gadget, and I expect that Judie and I will be using these quite a bit at CES. If you rely on your smartphone and want a small, simple, easy to use way to make sure you don’t run out of juice mid-afternoon, then you’ll want to take a look. Check it out here.

MSRP: 4GB for $79.99

What I Like: Small; Flexible; Review samples came with 4GB of storage; Three adapters included as well as a carrying case

What Needs Improvement: You’ll need to bring your own cable if you have an iPhone 5

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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  1. I love this. My kitchen hero is Alton Brown because he allows no single function items but the fire extinguisher. I think tech should follow suit too all items multitasking. Should be no usb drives available that don’t also include a LED light, a pen knife or a protected data file to store your medical history in case injured.

  2. Jonathan Rieksts | December 15, 2012 at 7:46 am |

    NIce concept…I think if it could be solar powered it would be even better.

  3. Very impressed with the size and weight for the capacity and particularly since it has a LCD ‘fuel’ gauge and a 4GB flash drive installed. I got the Belkin a year ago, with much smaller battery capacity and no flash and it weighed more!

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