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January 22, 2013 • News

Make Your Face Perfect With The GoateeSaver


Facial hair is becoming more the rage for today’s man. It seems that many men from their 20’s to 40’s are now growing beards and goatees. I grew my first goatee just out of high school and have had facial hair ever since. I currently sport a full beard, but for many years I had to groom and shape my goatee. Many think that having facial hair means less shaving, but that is far from true. While less area must be shaved, it takes great skill and diligence to keep a beard of any sort shaped and trimmed to perfection. There is nothing worse than waking up exhausted on a Monday and messing up your goatee causing a complete “redesign.”

In the era of technology and gadgets, of course there is a product to prevent this type of morning. The GoateeSaver promises to improve the morning groom and provide a template for the perfect goatee. A must have for all manly men! Read our Gear Diary review from several years ago, here. With the new facial hair craze that is occurring, I thought the product deserved a second look.

The pictures and video speak for itself. Simply hold the template in your teeth and shave away. The saver is adjustable to fit your style and beard width. Perfect shape every time. Go check out the GoateeSaver for yourself here at their website. The GoateeSaver retails for $19.99.


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