Crock-Pot Recipe App Review

Crock-Pot Recipe App Review

Type of app: Cookbook

Platform/where to buy: iOS

Crock-Pot Recipe App Review

Developer: Publications International

Description: More than 250 Crock Pot recipes plus free bonus recipes each month

Price: $3.99 in the App Store

Major features: The app lets you search for recipes, add favorites to your recipe box, create shopping lists and meal plans. It also has a voice activated step by step option, letting you call out “next” and “back” as you follow the recipe, keeping your dirty hands away from your iPad! There’s also a store that sells extra recipe packs if you want more variety than the base 250 recipes and the monthly recipe pack.

Crock-Pot Recipe App Review

Ease of use/Overall performance: The app was simple to use to find recipes, and adding items to a recipe box, meal plan or shopping list was very simple. I liked the voice command options, though one of the benefits of many crock pot recipes are that the steps are “Add ingredients to pot. Cook for six hours. Eat.” Most importantly, the recipes are interesting! It’s easy to find simple variations on crock pot recipes, but these went outside of the usual comfort zones of stews and chilis!

Crock-Pot Recipe App Review

Would use again/recommend?: If you do a lot of crock pot cooking, absolutely. We use ours just about every weekend, so we are always looking for good ideas. Last weekend we made Korean barbecue short ribs in the crock pot, a recipe I probably wouldn’t have thought to seek out on my own, but it looked so good in the app we had to make it ASAP. If every recipe is as delicious as that one was, this is a must-have app!

Suggested changes/wish list for upgrades: None-the app is very straightforward and works exactly as advertised!

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  1. Sounds good – too many crock pot recipes end up with a ‘samey’ taste that removes the taste of individual components, so I always like when I can find something new!

  2. Exactly! There are some pretty creative recipes-even ways to make baked goods! And I love the crock pot since it indulges my inner lazy cook!

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