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April 22, 2013 • Reviews, Yum Log

Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer Review – Doesn’t Your Beer Deserve This Bottle Opener?

Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer

That question was, of course, rhetorical. Of COURSE your beer (or other bottled beverage) deserves a bottle opener as simple and useful as the Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer that Kaufman Mercantile sent me to check out. Made in Germany, the Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer is a metal bottle opener that easily opens any bottle, but then it is also able to glide over the top and make a tight seal that helps keep beers from going flat or spilling.

Why would you need such a device? Simple…

Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer

This IPA is not only strong but it is huge. And while some of you might be able to drink this on your own, there is no way I could. That leaves me with two options; I can either wait for Judie and Kevin to come into town and share it with me, or I can use the Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer to save some for another time. Here’s a look at it in action.

The resealing function sets this bottle opener apart. Better still, it can also be used for a wide range of different size pop-cap bottles. Open your drink, pour or sip what you want, and then flip it over to reveal the metal guides of the resealing function. The guides bring the bottle in line with the rubbery panel, and they add pressure to ensure a tight seal over the beverage; it is also easy to clean and reuse. As the product page explains, you simply rinse and dry the gadget once in a while. That keeps it shining and prevents the build-up of beer on the rubbery seal.

At just 3.5″ long the bottle opener is easy to take along on a picnic. It is even engraved with basic user instructions.  The bottle opener is under $9, and it works exactly as promised. It makes a great gift!

Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer

Pick up yours here on the Kaufmann Mercantile website.

MSRP: $8.95

What I Like: Opens bottles easily; Seals them tight again; Sturdy and well made

What Needs Improvement: Nothing – it has a simple design that works

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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