Tommy Santora Interview on Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alert Systems

Tony Santora Interview on Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alert SystemsTom Santora, the creator of Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alerts, recently explained these new, multipurpose systems to me that all stem from one central communication hub – your mobile phone.

Tony Santora Interview on Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alert Systems

“Our mobile intelligence technology called MiAlert involves several functions where people get important information via their mobile phone/device,” says Santora. “Our multi-phased plan will make this technology available for several practical uses including video footage immediately after incidents. The Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alerts represents intelligent mobile alert technology with initial uses for automobiles/vehicles, homes/buildings, people (children, family, etc.), and pets. Users can monitor activity using their mobile phone using a free smart phone application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.”

Tony Santora Interview on Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alert Systems

Users can manage multiple MiAlert devices from own location. Users can also gain information on the secure website. This alert technology including sensors and cameras send information, which can be exchanged through a secure server (at a nominal monthly service fee).

On April 23, MiAlerts launched a 45-day fund raising campaign was launched until June 7, 2013 where anyone can towards the $90,000 goal and get various MiAlerts perks for contributions.

Gear Diary: How do you approach consumers who already have existing technology that’s similar?

Tommy: MiAlerts offer more functionality at better pricing. Mi Alerts work with other technology and can easily replace other tech components. Customization is the biggest selling point of the MiAlert components, which are very cost-effective when compared to other devices. It would cost about $2,500 for other components separately to equal what MiAlerts does. MiAlerts have no loud annoying alarms and can give users peace of mind instead of stress.

Gear Diary: Can users adjust the sensitivity of the MiAlert devices/system?

Tommy: Yes, users can adjust sensitivity like accidental contact at tailgating events, family reunions, etc. The MiAlert functions can be customized. Once the devices are installed, then the smart phone can act as a customizable command center. Vehicle options include tracking driving habits (good and bad) and dealing with a teenager taking a vehicle without permission. We’re working with insurance companies on “good driver discounts”, so users get another benefit.

Tony Santora Interview on Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alert Systems

Gear Diary: How does the MiAlerts work at the different installed locations?

Tommy: When vehicle with MiAlert registers an impact it also measures the level and location of impact. When in motion MiAlerts tracks speed.   When an accident occurs, the impact will trigger each camera to take a picture immediately after the collision about 30 seconds. Specially placed sensors can also be installed in various entryways on home and buildings so user can get alerts on their smart phone. Other applications include GPS tracking, which allows users to check for location ranging from situations ranging from theft to finding your car in a crowded parking lot. The GPS locator can also be used to track people, children, and pets. This technology can help users protect their loved ones as well as their possessions.

Gear Diary: Is there a monthly, cellular type service that users would have to pay for…or to store their information on the secure server for x amount of years?

Tommy: Yes, there will be a nominal monthly service fee, between $4.99-$9.99 for connectivity and storage fees.

Gear Diary: Who are some organizations and people you are coordinating with so users can optimize the practical use of the MiAlert functions and resulting information?

Tony: The information gathered and secured on MiAlert systems can help insurance companies settle disputes quickly and efficiently. It can also help law enforcement identify hit & run drivers and protect your car regardless of your location. We use the MiAlert technology to gather information in several ways.

Gear Diary: How can users install the cameras on vehicles?

Tommy: We have a step-by-step instructions video on our website. After installing the front camera, users can also install up to three additional strategically placed cameras. The rear camera involves more expertise, which varies among users. We recommend consulting with mechanics throughout the process.

Gear Diary: Is there a monthly, cellular type service that users would have to pay for? …or to store their information on the secure server for x amount of years?

Tommy: Yes, there will be a nominal monthly service fee, between $4.99-$9.99, for connectivity and storage fees.

Gear Diary: How did the idea for MiAlerts begin?

Tony: It all started about a year ago when I got off a commuter bus and saw my vehicle was dinged. The person(s) did not leave a note. We started things about a technological system to protect people from this damage. Starting the concept / design process was exciting. It’s a great product from concept to prototype has been a dream come true.

Gear Diary: What are some future plans for MiAlerts?

Tommy: We would eventually like to see our systems for sale domestically from bulk distributors and recognizable automotive stores like Advanced Auto Parts. We also have expansion plans within the automotive industry where cooperative collaborations and partnerships can really provide large benefits and practical uses. A widening international can also assist people in different countries as well as international travelers.
My thanks to Tony Santora at Mi (Mobile Intelligence) Alerts.

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