Unboxing the HP iPAQ hx5915 Travel Companion

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Unboxing the HP iPAQ hx5915 Travel Companion Listen to this article

I just received the HP iPAQ rx5915, so let’s open the box together…

Seal is broken, and the quick setup is printed on the hood of the box, which is just what I like to see when I purchase something. Hopefully this will be all the “instruction” needed. 😉

Can anyone tell me how much Tim Burton is getting paid for HP to use his “Nightmare before Christmas” font?

The iPAQ hx5915 wrapped in plastic…

Better not crack the screen…it’s not covered under warranty. 😉

Battery loading instructions…

The 1700 mAh battery…

A?THICK user manual that I hope to never crack…

A boxful of accessories! I don’t remember ever seeing this many come with a single device…without having to pay extra. Oh wait, I did. This thing was $599. 😉

I spy a slip-case…

There are all sorts of charging cables, mounting brackets, an alcohol wipe, sticky pads for mounting…good stuff.

There are several different versions available with either 1 or 2GB memory. Total available memory depends on the part number of the device and the version of preinstalled navigation software.

Mine is the 2GB version, but I only have 500MB free memory. I wonder what I could delete to raise that number. 😉

Box info…

The hx5915’s body is composed of silver painted plastic, not unlike iPAQs of yore. It measures 4.74″ long x 3″ wide x 0.64″ thick, and it weighs 5.9 ounces.

Here is it compared to the HTC Universal; it’s a little bit shorter…

…quite a bit thinner…

…and roughly the same width.

Here’s a start-up screen I haven’t seen in a while!

This is a landscape orientated device, but?the screen can be rotated in any direction with the push of a button.

An interesting selection of feature buttons on the right side: Quick Launch, TomTom GPS, Windows Media, Screen Rotation, and the Power button which glows red while charging and green once done.

The Quick Launch screen…

The more familiar Today Screen…

That’s it for now!

I have a 21 day return period in which to try it and decide if I’ll be keeping it.

Added 11/11: I’m sending the iPAQ back on Monday without posting?a review – Sorry folks!

It’s not often that I will just give up on a device, but the iPAQ has?managed to evoke that reaction from me. Let’s just say that this is a huge difference from the days when I would try an iPAQ and quickly become enamored, and I am feeling the let-down. 🙁

Here’s what I don’t like:

– Limited memory: It has 2GB but only about 1/4 of it is available. Yes, it will accept an SD card, but for $600 I guess I just expected more.

– No soft keys, unintuitive to use and forget one-handed operation – it’s not happening.

– Suffered from several crashes

– Cheap shiny case that grabs fingerprints, is prone to scratches, and is nearly impossible to photograph. grrr.

– Squishy and unresponsive screen that feels like it is being gouged every time I take the stylus to it. I don’t know how?HP geta off calling the finish anti-glare – trust me…it glares!

– GPS software seemed to be “off” quite a bit. It had my location as a full block over from my actual location more than once.

– The 9-way directional pad is all one piece, and therefore it’s?easy to?unintentionally push the wrong?direction – especially when trying to “center-select”.

– Overpriced when compared to similar PDAs or similar GPS devices. It’s price is about what I would expect for a GPS enabled mobile phone, but this does not have mobile phone capabilities.

Here’s what I like about it:

– 3.5″ screen (even if only QVGA). It’s nice that it at least had a decent-sized screen.

– Compact size (it’s not a thick hulking box like some GPS units)

– Built-in WiFi & Bluetooth

– Lots of included accessories for vehicle usage

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