InteliScope Introduces Geek to Tactical Rifles

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Anyone who reads my posts knows I love to hunt and love to shoot. In fact, I just received my first custom rifle built by my best friend. My next firearm goal is to have a tactical rifle built. Since tactical rifles have rails, many accessories and other items can be added making each firearm unique to the owner. Of course, there are plenty of scope options, lights and lasers and other cool stuff to add to the rails, but what about for a geek like me? For those of us who love technology and gadgets added to everything we use, InteliScope has the perfect product.

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The InteliScope is a Picatinny or Weaver style rail mount for an iPhone. When coupled with the provided iPhone app, the InteliScope will bring critical ballistics and environmental information in real time to the shooter. The rail mount includes a protective case for the iOS device with a quick release cam, adjustable mount positions and can be used in both landscape and portrait positions. The scope is finished in a high strength, reinforced polymer and will look great and perform great on any tactical rifle. Three versions of the InteliScope are available to fit the iPod Touch, iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.

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The iOS application provides a heads up display used like any usual shooting scope. Using the 5x digital zoom, shooters can select custom crosshairs and view an array of information. Along with ballistic information the shooter can see GPS data, a compass, and even prevailing winds. All of this information is crucial when making a successful shot. The video camera can also be utilized to record the shooter’s perspective and the light on the phone can be used as a strobe or flashlight.

Check out more information here, on the InteliScope website. The mount will cost $69.99 and is scheduled to ship this June.

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  1. As innovative as this is, I doubt an iPhone can survive recoil forces for very long. Consumer electronics just aren’t sturdy enough, particularly the solder joints.

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